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May 20, 2023
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Deputy Secretary Of Fatah's Syria Branch Omar Hamid: Colonialists Implanted Jews In Palestine To Be Rid Of Their Evil, Guarantee Western Interests In The Region; They Will Eventually Be Expelled, Their Zionist Dream Will Turn Into A Nightmare

#10318 | 02:15
Source: Al-Awda TV (PA)

Omar Hamid, the Deputy Secretary of Fatah's Syria Branch, said in a May 20, 2023 show on Awda TV (Palestinian Authority) that "the group" of people that is currently living in Israel had previously been ostracized and oppressed throughout the West, and that they made an "alliance" with colonialism to "implant" them in Palestine so that the West could be "relieved" of their evil. He said that this "group" of people always has their suitcases packed and their passports in their pockets because they do not feel safe in Palestine and because they know that they will "sooner or later" leave and return to the countries they were banished from. Hamid also said that these people know that the Zionist leadership had lied about Palestine being the land of their dreams, and he warned that it will instead become a nightmare for all those who think they can banish the Palestinian people and settle their land.

Omar Hamid: "President [Mahmoud Abbas] pointed out that it was colonialism that brought about this entity [Israel]. The [Jews] were scattered all over the world. One may find this horde of foreigners in all the countries of the world."

Interviewer: "They implanted them in Palestine."

Hamid: "They were oppressed and ostracized in their countries, and Western countries committed evil acts against them, but they established an accursed alliance between colonialism and that group, and they brought that group to our Arab region, in order to guarantee their interests in this region, and in order to be relieved of the evil [of those Jews] in their own countries.


"This land ejects foreigners. It will always do so. They will find nowhere to live except for the countries from which they have come. Their suitcases will always be packed and ready, and they will always have their passports ready in their pockets, because they do not feel safe in this land, they do not feel that they belong to it, and one day they will leave it.

"Maybe the time has not come yet, but they know that they will disappear, and that they will return to the countries from which they were banished. They will know that the Zionist leaders lied when they told them that this was the land of their dreams. It will not be so. Rather, it will be a nightmare for all those who think that they can come to this land, drive out its people, take their property, and settle in it. They will not have a good life in this land, because they are foreign to it, and they will disappear from it, sooner or later."

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