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Oct 27, 2023
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Delaware Imam Shadeed Muhammad: Allah Hasn't Turned America Into Palestine Yet, But The Time Is Coming; This Is Stolen Land, Blood Money Taken From The Natives

#10687 | 02:48
Source: Online Platforms - "Shadeed Muhammad on YouTube"

Delaware imam Shadeed Muhammad said in an October 27, 2023 Friday sermon at the Rawdah Islamic Center in Delaware that Allah has destroyed nations in the past that were doing the same thing that Israel, America, and Europe are doing now. He said that Allah hasn't turned America into Palestine yet, but "the time is coming." Shadeed said that "this is stolen land," and "every breath we take on this land [...] is blood money taken from the Natives." He said that "there is no going back after this situation" and that Muslims in America cannot kick back and relax while their money is going to "fund genocide against Muslims." Shadeed said that Muslims living in America expect to receive the rewards of Paradise, "reclining in our first world country," while Palestinians have received the rewards of Paradise being martyred.

Imam Shadeed Muhammad: "The Quran is a history book of people that Allah... of nations, people, individuals, as well as entire nations that Allah has destroyed for the same thing that Israel, as well as America and Europe in general, are doing around the world. What makes you think that Allah is not going to do the same thing to them?


"Usually, when we hear the word 'martyr' or 'shahid', we think of a person who is fighting Jihad, fighting in the cause of Allah, and they are dying.


"The Prophet said: 'He who dies under rubble is a martyr.' The person who dies under rubble, meaning the building collapsed on top of him, died as a martyr. That would include most of the people who died in Palestine, in Gaza, in the West Bank. This would include them.


"They still get the same reward as someone who dies fighting in the cause of Allah.


"These [Companions of the Prophet] were people who were willing to risk it all for Paradise, while we want to get to Paradise reclining in our first world country with first world problems, mashallah.


"And you have people who are willing to risk their entire lives to prove to Allah that they want Paradise. The only thing Allah is asking from us here is that we abide by the religion of Islam that He has given us, and were are struggling even to do that. But yet we want to see justice prevail.


Allah hasn't turned America into Palestine yet. That time is coming, we've enjoyed a lot.

"This is stolen land, make no mistake about that. Every breath that we take on this land right here, this is blood money. Blood money taken from the Natives right here.

"And you think that we want to just stay here, live here, enjoy all of our lives, and die, and the time is not going to come?

"No, by Allah. Our days here are numbered. This situation that is happening right here, there is no going back after that. There is no going to restaurants, kicking our feet up and relaxing, knowing that our tax dollars are being used to fund genocide on Muslims in other countries. How do you relax, how do you go to a restaurant, how do you chill, how do you enjoy life after that? No, this has to awaken a consciousness in us."

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