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May 23, 2024
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Dearborn Islamic Centers And Imams Hold Memorial Services For, And Praise, Iranian President Raisi And Others Killed In Helicopter Crash In Iran; Imam Usama Abdulghani At Memorial: 'He Was A True Soldier' Of 'Our Leader' Supreme Leader Khamenei, Biden And The Pope Grovel Before Kingmaker Zionist Families

#11123 | 02:43
Source: Online Platforms - "Light of Guidance on YouTube"

Dearborn Imam Shaykh Usama Abdulghani said in a May 23, 2024 memorial service for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi that he offered his condolences to "our leader" Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. He said that Biden is not the actual president of the United States, but rather there are "powerful Zionist families" that are the kingmakers. Abdulghani continued to say that there are videos of the Pope groveling to these Zionist families. He added that President Raisi was a true soldier of Khamenei.

The memorial service was held at the Hadi Youth Community Center in Dearborn, Michigan, and it was streamed live on Light of Guidance on YouTube. Usama Abdulghani was one of the speakers at a March 2023 Quds Day rally in Dearborn, in which participants chanted 'Death to America.' It is worth nothing that several more Dearborn area mosques advertised memorial services for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, including The Islamic House of Wisdom, the Islamic Institute of America, and the Karbala Islamic Center.

Imam Usama Abdulghani: "Allow me to be the first to offer my condolences, first of all, to the Imam of our time, on this loss. To our leader Imam Khamenei, our Maharaja. All of them – the entire Ummah of the Prophet. Alhamdulillah, as you saw there were 50 dignitaries from various countries, people coming in, many countries ended up holding a day of mourning, and also to the people of conscious in the world, who are waking up, who are seeing this. And it is playing out and it is showing what happens if political power is in the hands of the Godly."


"If you look now in Israel you will see every day the resistance. Their snipers are taking out more and more of these monsters. Netanyahu is sitting pretty, the monsters are dying. The abeed of the tawaheed. The Quran is trying to warn humanity, don't be one of the abeed, don't be a slave."


"Biden himself isn't the Raisi, he isn't in charge. There are powerful Zionist families that are real king-makers. These guys, even the Pope, grovel before the real king-makers."


"Abdul Raisi was something else. Here's a clause, 'how he worked tirelessly, how he worked. How proud he was and unapologetic for Islam. Whether that meant praying in the Kremlin, whether that meant taking the Quran and raising the Quran, whether that meant as the President of the country with a big picture of Qasem Soleimani, unapologetically Muslim.'"


"He was a true soldier of the Imam Khamenei, as in, he's an Ayatollah. He has his PHD, he is the president, he's – not for him, everything was the leader to the extent that he thought the leader wanted something done, he would make sure that happened. Every time the leader would speak, he says it's us he's talking about. Whenever it came to taking a bullet for the leader, then that's what this man was."

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