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Apr 04, 2022
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Chinese Pundit And Military Expert Song Zhongping: The Bucha Massacre Was Staged By The Ukrainians

#9490 | 04:45
Source: Online Platforms - "Douyin (China)"

Popular Chinese military scholar and TV host Song Zhongping said in a video he uploaded to the Chinese short video sharing platform Douyin on April 4, 2022 that the massacre in Bucha, Ukraine was staged by the Ukrainian government, and that there is video evidence showing some of the dead bodies standing up. Like much of China's domestic media, Song's claims echo Russian propaganda about the massacre, even though the Chinese government has not openly expressed support for Russia.

Song Zhongping: "Bucha is right here, this is Kyiv, so this is Bucha. Bucha was previously controlled by the Russian army, and after the Russians withdrew, people said many dead bodies were found in Bucha. But were they real or fake?

"In fact, there are two theories: one is that they were staged there, because Zelensky himself was an actor, and 'an actor prepares.' So they staged those here. You saw in the rear-view mirror of the car, when the car passed by, the car that was filming, those bodies came back to life, they stood up, and that is what the concept of staging is about.

"Another theory is that after the withdrawal of the Russian army, there were some ethnic Russians in Bucha or people who were sympathetic to the Russian army, they were helping the Russians and did some work for them. Those people could have been killed by the Ukrainian agencies, and the blame was placed on Russia.

"From Russia's point of view, is it necessary to create a massacre in Bucha? Totally unnecessary. But this thing has now started to ferment. Look at this list of condemnations, you see the EU and NATO seem to be following a script in announcing condemnation of Russia. The list includes the UK, the U.S., Germany, France, Estonia, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Moldova, Ukraine. So far, these countries have condemned the Russian atrocities, namely the massacre in Bucha.

"What exactly happened in Bucha is not known at this time. But the United Nations reported that from February 24 through the midnight of April 2, there were more than 1,400 civilian deaths in Ukraine. Did those 1,400 civilians killed include the hundreds that the Ukrainian military claimed were killed in Bucha? We don't have a conclusion yet.

"After all, since the Ukrainian government forces have taken full control of Bucha, it can only lead to their own one-sided statement, and it will be difficult for the Russian army to prove itself innocent, no matter how hard they try. The key is who controls the narrative.

"The First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN pointed out that Russia requested a Security Council meeting to discuss the provocations by radical elements in the town of Bucha, where the Ukrainian security services were believed to have carried out some of the massacres. Russia's Foreign Ministry also protested, saying Ukraine's provocations in Bucha were meant to undermine the peace talks. And the Russian Defense Ministry has refuted the Ukrainian regime's allegations that the Russian army killed civilians in the town of Bucha in Kyiv, which was totally untrue and a total distortion of the facts.

"At the same time, we saw that the Ukrainian agencies said that the city had been 'cleansed' before the video of the exposed dead bodies on the streets of Bucha surfaced. The meaning of 'cleansing' the city meant 'cleansing' certain pro-Russian people, which was the concept of so-called 'cleansing.'

"So, did those 'cleansed' people become the ones killed by the Russian army? In fact, there are many things in it that's it is no longer possible for the Russians to prove their innocence. The Russian ambassador pointed out that the United Nations remained silent about the shelling of Bucha by Ukrainian troops after the withdrawal of the Russian army. Because from the Russian perspective, the U.S. and Ukraine would inevitably place the blame on the Russian army.

"Some Russian experts have pointed out that Ukraine hope to give the West an excuse to put pressure on Russia through the killing of civilians in Bucha. The same thing happened in Syria. The West condoned the use of biological and chemical weapons against Syrian civilians, and then accused the Syrian government forces and the Assad regime of doing it.

"And you see, some experts pointed out that staging the video in Kyiv was obviously in response to the needs of the West. The West needed such an excuse and then such a problem appeared.

"The spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the Bucha footage and pointed out that the West made statements condemning Russia based only on the video, and there was no evidence yet. You could see from the car's rearview mirror that the dead bodies stood up and came back to life as soon as the car drove past.

"We have so much to talk about this. 8 o'clock tonight on Douyin and Toutiao: Be there or be square."

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