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Mar 29, 2024
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Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman Wu Qian On Philippines Tensions: America Is The Main Source Of Problems In The South China Sea; We Are Ready To Defend Our Sovereignty And Maritime Interests

#11013 | 02:44
Source: CCTV (China)

On the backdrop of the recent tensions between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea, Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman Wu Qian said in a March 29, 2024 press conference aired by CCTV (China) that China opposes any foreign interference or provocation, that it is prepared to respond to any emergency in defense of its sovereignty and maritime interests, that the Philippines have violated international law while relying on foreign support, that America is the main source of problems and friction in the South China Sea, and that the "inevitable trend of our times" is that all these issues will eventually be settled.

Wu Qian: "On the South China Sea issue between China and the Philippines, China has repeatedly made clear that its solemn position that we oppose foreign interference, infringement and provocation, and advocate proper management of differences. At the same time, we are fully prepared to respond to emergencies and we firmly defend our territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.

"There is no bigger factor than the US interference in causing turbulence in the South China Sea. For some time, in disregard of the facts, the US provoked confrontation, backed up the Philippines, repeatedly threatened and exerted pressure on China citing the so-called bilateral treaty, and sent military vessels to the South China Sea to stir up troubles. These actions have seriously undermined regional peace and stability.

"China's attitude towards this is clear – The US is in no position to interfere, and the military cooperation between US and the Philippines must not harm China's sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. The Philippines' harassment and provocations are the immediate cause of recent escalation of the South China Sea issue. The Philippine side, counting on the support of external forces, violate international law and the spirit of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), frequently infringed upon China's sovereignty, made provocations and created troubles, and spread misinformation to mislead the international community. It is straying further down a dangerous path.

"The Chinese side will not allow the Philippines to act willfully, and that's why China has responded with legitimate, resolute and restrained actions. The Philippine side should realize that provocation will only do themselves more harm than good, and soliciting foreign support will lead nowhere. 

"As a saying goes, remain steady in the fishing boat, no matter how big the waves get. China has sufficient strategic resolve in addressing the South China Sea issue. We stay committed to properly managing maritime differences with relevant parties through dialogue and consultation, while firmly safeguarding China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. We have every reason to believe that with concerted efforts of regional countries, the South China Sea issue will surely be settled. This is the inevitable trend of our times."

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