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Sep 23, 2021
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Influential Chinese Professor Jin Canrong: Resolving The Taiwan Issue Can Establish China's New International Prestige; If We Succeed, We'll Replace The U.S. As The 'Big Boss

#9146 | 07:22
Source: The Internet - "Xigua Video "

In a speech that was posted on Xigua Video on September 23, 2021, Chinese professor Jin Canrong, who is also a well-known TV pundit in China, explained to his audience how the "resolution of the Taiwan issue" can bring "practical" gains to China's national prestige, national morale, economy, and military and strategic positions vis-à-vis the Pacific Ocean. Jin said that China has the opportunity to replace the United States as the "new big boss," if China takes over Taiwan firmly and successfully. As an internet celebrity in China, Jin Canrong is considered to be a major social influencer in Chinese media and policy advising circles. For more about Jin Canrong, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9096.

Jin Canrong:"We will have at least ten major gains, if the Taiwan issue is resolved. First, our national strategic position will improve.


"As a matter of fact, China's maritime conditions are quite good, but we have an inherent weakness. When we go out not too far from the sea boundary, we encounter the First Island Chain, which locks us in.


"But if we take over Taiwan, and we face the Pacific Ocean directly – won't our entire geopolitical position improve? This is the first gain. Second, if the Taiwan issue is resolved, our century-old national humiliation will be completely turned over. Taiwan is the last chapter in our century-old national humiliation. Turning this page will be like turning over the century of humiliation. We Chinese will have a much healthier and more confident mentality, which will be very good for our future development. At present, this inferiority complex, self-colonization and self-stigmatization have a very bad influence, in many aspects, including on technological development.

"Today, our Chinese scientific and technological circles have a problem of worshiping all things foreign and fawning over foreign countries. Many of our scientists have been trained in the U.K. and the U.S. Their whole life mission is to prove the theses of their American teachers with Chinese materials, publish them in prestigious American and British journals, and then return [to China] and go through the evaluation of becoming an academician.


"With the resolution of the Taiwan issue, our entire national confidence will rise. I mean, true confidence. That's when we will have real innovative leadership. This is number two. Third, the resolution of the Taiwan issue, will completely cement the connotation of Xi Jinping's Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Fourth, the status of our military will definitely rise to a higher level. Have you noticed that in the past 72 years, since the founding of the People's Republic of China, our military has fought many battles? Many of those battles were arduous and great.

"However, from both the historical and the international perspectives, all the battles fought by our military thus far have been self-defense counterattacks. They were all about 'the enemies are at the gate, let's defend and counterattack.' The Taiwan [battle] will be the first about 'my grandpa lost a piece of land and I got it back,' won't it? The War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea was a war to build our nation. After that, no one dared to invade us anymore.

"Taiwan is a battle for reunification and rejuvenation. After this battle, the status of our military will witness a big step up, right? Then, it will also be much easier for PLA officers and cadres to find wives. Their salaries will certainly be doubled. There will be no problem if these salaries go up several times higher.


"Sixth, the resolution of the Taiwan issue will be very beneficial to our political stability. Personally, I think Taiwan is the main source of 'color revolution' in our mainland China. Of course, it collaborates with the United States. The U.S. and Taiwan work together, but Taiwan is the main source. Have you noticed that it is mainly Taiwan that...? It is mainly Taiwan that pays those 'democracy activists.' Those separatists forces in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet, are all paid behind doors, mainly by Taiwan.


"What is the eighth benefit? Solving the Taiwan problem will in fact be beneficial to our coastal economy. It will take it to a higher level. How come? You all know that the Taiwan issue is our top military priority, right? Our county has invested a lot of resources in solving the Taiwan issue, hasn't it? Starting from Shandong, then Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zheijang, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan Island – many military bases are deployed in those places. The efforts to solve the Taiwan problem affect economic development, do you know that? So, if the Taiwan issue is resolved, all these military facilities between Taiwan and here can be greatly reduced. And then our entire defense line will shift to the east of Taiwan.


"After that, I suggest that we put all our air force, navy, and missile bases to the east of Taiwan.


"My student from the Civil Aviation Bureau told me that 30% of the delays are caused by weather and 70% by military reasons. As soon as the planes from Taiwan, Japan, the U.S., and Australia take off, our jets are scrambled, and this affects civilian flight schedules. So, if we resolve the Taiwan issue, our country's flight on-time rate will be greatly improved. Then, I will suggest we place our air force base to the east of Taiwan, put our missile base there, our radars too, and then we will fly to Japan and Australia every day for training, and make them miss their flights. This is the eighth gain.

"Ninth, Taiwan is really a weak spot for our diplomacy, which makes us feel quite uncomfortable. The U.S. pinches us every day, many other countries bully us as well, even African countries. Many African leaders, when they come to China, do not have much to do. They visit Beijing, and eat some good food. Then, they say only one thing when they meet with Chairman Xi – that they firmly support the 'One China' policy and that 'Taiwan is an inalienable part of China.' As soon as they finish saying this, they start asking for money immediately: 'Hey big boss, show us some love [with money].' They really do ask, they have very thick skins.

"Every year, according to the statistics collected by Tsinghua University teachers, we spend about 30 billion RMB to maintain this pledge, every year. That's a hefty price to pay, isn't it? This is the ninth gain I just finished talking about.

"The tenth is very important. The resolution of the Taiwan issue will really establish China's new international prestige. It is quite possible that the international landscape will change overnight. Because if we take over Taiwan firmly, and there is nothing the U.S. can do but babble about it, then the image of international power order will change. Everyone will know the old big boss is done for. He is weak, you know. The new big boss is coming. They absolutely won't... Many people are worried that if we resolve the Taiwan issue, the whole world will follow the U.S. to encircle and suppress China. They really won't!


"They are all opportunistic countries with no principles. They follow whoever is the big boss. When they all see the new big boss coming – I'm telling you, no one will run with the old big boss, you know. To run with the old big boss is like becoming a Han traitor in 1945 and joining the Kuomintang in 1949. No one does that. I think that if we take over Taiwan, most countries will start to follow China. They are very snobbish and very practical.


"There's a trilogy. Step one, you must have power. Real power. When you go out to the world without real power, you will be quickly beaten to death. You must have real power. You must practice your craft well before you show up on the world stage.

"Second, you must have the will and determination to exercise your power. Third, you really need to put your power to practical use, you know. At that point, people will be convinced. It ought to be said that our country has amassed enough power already. Now, under the leadership of Chairman Xi, we also have the will to use it. But really, we have to use it only once. I believe that once the Taiwan issue is resolved – that should be enough. This goal will be achieved."

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