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Feb 27, 2020
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China's 'Anti-Cult' Network Warns: 'Cults Use The Pandemic To Spread Rumors And Stir Trouble' (Archival)

#8609 | 02:01
Source: Online Platforms - "China's Anti-Cult Network on YouTube"

Released by "China Anti-Cult Network", this propaganda cartoon features a sword-carrying martial-arts hero "Lord Wuxie" (wuxie literally means "No Cult" in Mandarin) issuing warnings about the danger of cults taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to lure people in. He reminds people to "keep their eyes open" and states that "under the banner of religion, and in the name of 'praying' and 'blessing' together, some cults will "take the opportunity to pull people into the cult, saying that only by joining them can they be saved".

Lord Wuxie also says that there is a danger that "foreign cults" and "anti-China forces" collide to "fabricate" such "rumors" that the spread of COVID-19 was caused by a "a secret biochemical weapon being developed in China" that was leaked from a lab, in an attempt to "mislead world opinion and smear China." Lord Wuxie calls for unity under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the end of the video. The video was posted to YouTube on February 27, 2020, and it is part of an on-going series of cartoons produced and released by "China Anti-Cult Network."

Lord Wuxie: "Hello everyone, I'm Lord Wuxie [Lord No Cult]. The current sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the hearts of the nation. In the face of the menacing virus, the whole country is united to fight against the pandemic in this difficult time.

"However, the cults, who can't wait to see the world in chaos are also taking this opportunity to make frequent small moves. Be sure to keep your eyes open. Some cults take advantage of people's panic due to the pandemic, under the banner of religion, and in the name of 'praying' and 'blessing' together, they take the opportunity to pull people into the cult, saying that only by joining them, can they be saved and kept safe.

"Some cults spread myths and heresies that ignore scientific knowledge and preach that repeating the so-called 'incantation' and 'true scriptures' is more useful than wearing masks and washing hands frequently. They claim that if you sincerely believe in their gods and Buddhas, you will be able to prevent and control the pandemic, eliminate disasters and take refuge.

"Worse still, there are also foreign cults colluding with anti-China forces to fabricate rumors claiming that the spread of COVID-19 was caused by 'a secret biochemical weapon developed in China looked from a laboratory,' in an attempt to mislead world opinion and smear China. COVID-19 invades people's bodies, while the cult erodes people's minds.

"Cults often take advantage of disasters and use demagoguery against people, and needless panic is their accomplice. Lord Wuxie would like to remind everyone that during the period of fighting the pandemic, we should also be on guard against the hypocritical faces and deceptive tricks of the cults. If we unite as one, we can [even] cut through gold. We believe that under the strong leadership of the CCP Central Committee and the State Council, with the joint efforts of the whole country, the pandemic will eventually dissipate, and the bright spring will arrive as expected."

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