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Mar 12, 2019
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China's 'Anti-Cult' Network Uses Short Cartoon To Show How 'The Church Of Almighty God' Might Approach People (Archival)

#8626 | 00:58
Source: Online Platforms - "China's Anti-Cult Network"

Part of an ongoing animation series produced and released by China's Anti-Cult Network, this short propaganda cartoon uses an encounter scenario to warn people about the ways "the Church of Almighty God" may approach them. The cartoon also shows the covers of the books the church may distribute, and warns that "the Church of Almighty God" "nibbles at human souls, tramples on science, and seeks to subvert society, causing great harm."

Man: "Auntie, you look like a good person, good people should be rewarded. Take a look at our Almighty God. God so loves the world and loves good people even more. Joining it can make you safe and worry-free for life."

Onscreen Text: "Almighty God, You are Great; The Word Appears in the Flesh; The Savior Has Already Returned Upon Cloud; Lighting from the East; Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs."

Man 2: "Under the banner of religion, cloaked in Christianity and disguised with benevolence, the cult 'The Church of Almighty God' spreads sophistry everywhere to confuse people, falsely claiming that 'Almighty God' will cleanse mankind, and advocating that believing in him will lead to eternal life, and will save you from death at the end of the world. Anyone who does not believe or resists him is a devil and will be killed by lightning. 'The Church of Almighty God' nibbles at human souls, tramples on science, and seeks to subvert society, causing great harm."

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