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Mar 22, 2020
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Chicago-Based Islamic Scholar Sheikh Omar Baloch on Coronavirus Pandemic: Muslims in the U.S. Should Arm Themselves Because Their Trump-Loving Neighbors Don’t Necessarily Like Them Very Much

#7989 | 01:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Baloch on YouTube"

Chicago-based Islamic scholar Sheikh Omar Baloch said in a lesson he uploaded to his YouTube channel on March 22, 2020 that the coronavirus will infect every human being at some point, that people need to accept the will of Allah, and that the world is about to change. He encouraged Muslims to only buy goods from other Muslims, and he suggested that some communities should even establish their own currencies if possible because the current cash currencies are about to lose their value. Furthermore, he said that Muslims should acquire firearms and establish systems of security because their Trump-loving neighbors don’t necessarily love them very much.

Sheikh Omar Baloch: "Are we ready to die? Because this virus can kill me or kill someone I love.


"Every human being is going to get this virus at some point. So the first thing, the most important thing, is to be accepting of the qadr of Allah.


"The world is about to change. And you have to accept this, mentally.


"One of the things that we need to do, is we need to... As Muslim communities, only buy from Muslims.


"I would even go to the point, if it's possible, for some areas to do this, to even, like, create a currency that's your own currency within your own environment.


"Cash money, paper money, riba money is about to go down the drain.


"Another thing that Muslims need to do... And I gave this speech, you can look at it, one year ago. And I was talking about the fact that Muslims need to start having systems of security, systems of firearms. You have no idea how much other people are already prepared for this. Way ahead of us.


"If you live in the suburbs, the neighbor to your right and the neighbor to your left, those that love Trump, don't necessarily love you that much."

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