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Nov 05, 2023
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Canada-Based Former PFLP Official Khaled Barakat: We Reject The Two-State Solution; If You Can Have A One-China Policy, We Can Have A One-Palestine Policy; Liberation Of Palestine Is The Goal; Israel Can Move To U.S., Australia, Canada, Or Europe

#10995 | 02:32
Source: Online Platforms - "Orinoco Tribue (Venezuela) on YouTube"

Canada-Based activist and former PFLP official Khaled Barakat said in an published by the Orinoco Tribue (Venezuela) on November 5, 2023 that the two-state solution is not supported by any self-respecting intellectual and is only supported by Arab reactionary regimes, liberal Zionists, and delusional people. He said that just as China has a One-China policy regarding Taiwan, his group has a One-Palestine policy regarding Palestine, and he said that Israel can be created elsewhere in the world, but not in Palestine. In addition, he said that the goal is not only to liberate Palestine and the Palestinians, but also to "liberate Zionists from their racist ideology" by defeating them.

Khaled Barakat: "Who supports the two-state solution? Arab reactionary regimes, liberal Zionists, fascists, and some delusionists. There is no decent movement, or some intellectual there who respects her mind or his mind, even if they're not part of the movement, that will support a two-state solution. It's not just a liquidation of the cause of the Palestinian people. It's literally selling illusions, and it's not realistic, at the same time.


"Even if the settlers leave the West Bank, even if they agree to dismantle all their colonies in the West Bank, and even if they lift the siege on Gaza, the two-state solution will not be a viable solution for our people. So if they want to have Israel, they can have it in Australia, or they can have it in the U.S., or in Canada. They can give them some land in France, maybe Holland could donate some land and create Israel there. But in Palestine, there is no place for Israel.


"China advocates for the two-state solution, and then when we ask our comrades in the Chinese Communist Party: 'Are you willing to divide Taiwan or give any inch of Taiwan?' They say, 'No, this is our policy on this.' Well, we have a One-Palestine policy, too.


"If you can have a One-China policy, then we can have a One-Palestine policy, too. Why should we donate 80% of our land to Zionist racist settlers?


"Liberation of Palestine is the goal, and it's a noble goal. It's not only the liberation of Palestinians. It's also the liberation of everyone in Palestine, because unfortunately, the only way we can liberate Zionists from their racist ideology and from their racism, is to defeat them."

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