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Aug 10, 2018
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British Preacher "Dawah Man" Imran Ibn Mansur Advises His Listeners to Return to Muslim Lands: Here, Hijabi Girls Get Abortions, Children Come Home Believing in Evolution

#6760 | 05:11
Source: The Internet

British preacher Imran Ibn Mansur, also known as "Dawah Man," said that it is not permissible to live in "infidel" countries except for da'wa purposes, as one might be influenced by evil and corruption. He warned that in the U.K., hijab-wearing girls get abortions, and children come home saying: "Mom, Dad, I believe in evolution." At the end of his lecture, Ibn Mansur added a disclaimer that he was not encouraging people to go on hijrah to Syria. The video was posted on Ibn Mansur's "Naseeha Sessions" YouTube channel on August 10.


Imran Ibn Mansour: What’s the ruling on living in an infidel country? Yeah, it’s… Go to a Muslim country. It’s not allowed. It’s not permissible. Allah made hijrah, which is leaving the land of polytheism for the land of Islam. It’s leaving a place of polytheism, a place of heresy, a place of disbelief, and going to live among the Muslims. Allah made that obligatory upon this nation until the Day of Judgment is established. I’ll tell you why – because a Muslim can’t practice his religion easily in the lands of the infidels. Either they will limit him or stop him from practicing, or stop her from practicing – can’t wear hijab, can’t wear niqab, can’t do this, can’t do that… Or what will they do? You’ll be influenced by their evil, you’ll be influenced by their corruption, and that will influence you in a bad way. How many Muslims have fallen into serious sins, because of the infidels that they are around?


You think there’ll be drug dealers in the streets like this in Somalia? Drug dealers like this in Pakistan? Are there drug dealers in the streets like this in Bangladesh? People tell me that Pakistan is worse. I say: By God, you’re mad. I have debates with Bengali brothers all the time. They used to tell me Bangladesh is worse. I used to believe them until I went there. By God, you’re mad. I have to question if you’re high right now. I’ve been there. It’s amazing!


No one said it is the most beautiful perfect example of an ideal Muslim country. No one said that. But you do not have naked women in the streets. You do not have clubs. Can you go to a barber shop in this country without listening to music? The ones that don’t have music are the ones where a woman will come cut your hair.




By God, brothers, it’s my dream for me to make hijrah. The only reason I’m here is for da’wa purposes.  And sometimes I even question myself there and I think: “Just go.” I need da’wa myself. Let me go. But honestly, if you’re not here giving da’wa, there’s no real need for you to be here. Go. Find a way, earn your money. Go. Go back home. If you’re from Bangladesh, go to Bangladesh. If you’re Pakistani, go to Pakistan. Go back to your countries, where you are respected.


Sometimes I walk down the street, and I think to myself, when I’m in my robe… I’m walking , and I’m being looked at. I think: Why do I have to humiliate myself like this? I’m a believer, man! Inshallah! I’m a Muslim! I’m a slave of Allah! I grow my beard because the Prophet told me to do this. I’m trying to imitate the believers, and I’m being looked at like I’m a piece of filth? Why do I have to humiliate myself like this? Go back to where you’ll be honored. Go back to where you’ll be respected. Go back.




There are problems but if you look at the problems there compared to here, it’s better. Here, those same kids might not be dying in suicide attacks, but like you said, they’re dying on the streets. They’re dying because of the gangs. They’re dying because of the drugs. They’re dying because of the postcode wars.




I would rather be in a situation where my life is at stake in this world, but my life is not at stake in the next. I mentioned to you that the brothers and the sisters in this country end up in jail, killed, sisters are getting pregnant… The NHS come to us, they come to the people in the mosques - not this mosque, a different mosque that we work with – and they came and they said: The one who delivers sermons on Friday, stand up and tell… - this is a white man telling us, a white NHS guy telling us – Stand up in the sermon and tell your hijabi girls to tell their boyfriends to wear condoms, because they’re the biggest ones who come to us for abortions. These are things that you don’t even know that are taking place. It’s because you brought them here… And that’s nothing! What’s worse is the ones who are coming home and saying: “Mom, Dad, I believe in evolution!” “Mom, Dad, is there a god?”




Sorry, I just realized… I want to clarify something, in case anyone takes me out of context here. You know when I was saying: Go do hijrah? I was not saying: Go to Syria. I am gonna be very clear there… don’t anyone misunderstand me or misquote me. Nor was I saying to go join any mad organization, or anything. I’m telling you to go back to your countries so you can study, so you can seek knowledge, go to the scholars, you can seek knowledge in this religion, and you can live in accordance with the way the first Muslims used to live. Clear, yeah? Don’t misquote me.



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