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Mar 23, 2015
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British Islamists in Response to Theresa May: She and Cameron Can Go to Hell; We Will Be Happy If They Deport Us to Syria

#4864 | 03:08
Source: Online Platforms

British Islamists Anjem Choudary, Abu Izzadeen, and Abu Baraa held a press conference on March 23, 2015, following British Home Secretary Theresa May's speech, in which she vowed to tackle Islamist extremism. Abu Izzadeen said that Theresa May and David Cameron could "go to Hell," and Abu Baraa said that Theresa May could "pack her bags and leave" if she did not like them preaching there and that "if they deport us to Al-Raqqah, I'm sure we would all be very happy." The press conference was posted on the Internet.


Following are excerpts:



Anjem Choudary: We are here, today, in response to the speech of Theresa May, this morning. Which was a direct attack against Islam and Muslims. If we look at the history of the British government and their relationship with Islam, we can see that they are the ones who conspired to destroy the Islamic State. They are the ones, who (with) their own foreign policy, occupy Muslim land, they are the ones who are behind a lot of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan and together it goes that they support the Americans' torture of the Muslims in Abu Ghuraib, in Baghram, and in Guantanamo Bay.



Now we find that the British government want to wash their hands off of any responsibility for what takes place as a direct result of their own foreign policy. They don't want to take responsibility for the deaths of Iraq and Syria. And at the same time, when people are radicalized and are now motivated by their own foreign policy to go abroad to support their own brethren or to speak out against those atrocities, they are the ones who are now being criminalized.



The latest measures that Theresa May wants to introduce and her own boss, David Cameron, are a direct threat to their own democracy, freedom, and liberty. How is it that the British government is fighting the Muslims, occupying Muslim land, by so-called freedom of expression, liberty, innocence until proven guilt and yet they are bringing in all laws that will criminalize people without having yet committed any crimes if they get in to power.



I am here today with Abu Izzadeen and Abu Baraa, we will address you about the British foreign policy and their own actions and as well about the truth of Islam, because what the British government wants to do is to give you a British version of Islam – definitely not the Islam which is contained in the Quran and the teachings of the Messenger Muhammad.






Trever Brooks, a.k.a. Abu Izzadeen: If you think that a time of weakness, [such as] now, when you can harass Muslims, raid our houses, arrest sisters because of what?! Because of thought crimes, give unduly excessive and severe sentences… There is a case, recently, someone got 22 years – the judge gave him – for having a knife and a hammer, and people who commit murder, with guns, get less. That's the reality of your system you are living in. We are not going to take it anymore. So Theresa May and David Cameron can, quite frankly, go to hell!



And that is my message here today.






Reporter: Would you want to join the Islamic State to travel to… Obviously, you don't have a passport at the moment, but if you had one?



Mizanour Rahman a.k.a. Abu Baraa: … If Theresa May doesn't like us preaching here, according to what the law is and their own freedom of speech, then, first of all, I don't know why she doesn't back up her bags and leave, why doesn't she live somewhere else if she doesn't like it here. Secondly, if they really don't want us here, and they deport us to Raqqa [Syria], we would all be very happy.





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