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Feb 04, 2020
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British Islamist ‘Abu Haleema’: Islam Was Sent to Be Made Superior over All Other Religions; Muslims Who Don't Practice Islam Openly Are Polytheists Whom Allah Will Expose

#7816 | 03:15
Source: Online Platforms

A British Islamist known as "Abu Haleema" said in a video that was uploaded to the Internet on December 10, 2019 that the Prophet Muhammad had praised one of his companions for reciting poetry about how to the infidels, the tidings of Islam are a "strike that removes the head from the shoulders." Abu Haleema said that Allah sent Islam so that it could be made superior to all other religions and systems of government, and he accused Muslims who used to speak about openly practicing Islam but who no longer practice it openly of being polytheists whom Allah will slowly expose. In a video that was uploaded to the Internet on February 4, 2020, Abu Haleema said that Allah had said He would strike terror into the hearts of the infidels because they illegitimately commit polytheism and associate partners with Allah. He also said that Allah gave Muslims the authority to make takfir on tyrants and anyone who commits polytheism, and he emphasized that Muslims are obligated to do so even if those polytheists claim to be Muslims. In addition, Abu Haleema said he makes takfir on those who talk about Jihad for the sake of Allah but who do not truly know the creed of Islam. For more about Abu Haleema, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 5382 and No. 5421.


December 10, 2019


"Abu Haleema": "When the Prophet Muhammad went on pilgrimage, he was walking with Abdullah ibn Rawahah. They were walking together and then Abdullah Ibn Ruwahah – in front of the Kaaba – started reciting poetry. What was the poetry he was reciting? He said: 'Oh tribes of the infidels, oh tribes of disbelievers, get out of his way, for we have come to strike you about his revelation. A strike that removes the head from the shoulders and makes a friend not concerned about his friend.'


"Allah Akbar! The Prophet Muhammad said that just those words were hurting the infidels more than a rain of arrows does, more than weapons do, more than artillery does. The words were hurting them more. Abdullah Ibn Ruwahah prevailed his religion, he practiced it openly. He spoke openly and publicly, he wasn't ashamed, he didn't hide it. He spoke out openly and publicly, he prevailed his religion.


"'It is [Allah] Who sent His Messenger with guidance, and with the religion of truth.' Why? For what reason? 'To make it superior over all other religions.' To make it superior over democracy, over capitalism, over Communism, over secularism, over the tyrants that rule over our lands, over all these devils that rule over our lands – to make it superior over them. This is what Allah said, even though they hate it.


"We say to all you people, what happened to you openly practicing Islam? All these years, you were talking about openly practicing Islam – you are quiet now, you are not speaking now. You're quiet now, what happened to you? What happened to you, you are not under duress? No one is putting you in jail, you are free, you've got no restrictions, but yet you're quiet, what happened to openly practicing Islam? What happened to openly practicing Islam? You fooled the whole world for so long. You lied to everyone. You are polytheists and, slowly, slowly, Allah is going to expose you for it."


February 4, 2020


"Abu Haleema": "Allah says: 'We will strike terror into the hearts of the infidels.' 'We will strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.' Why? Because they associate partners with Allah, for which Allah gave them no authority. Allah never said that... No authority for them... But yet, they did it, they committed polytheism with Allah. And Allah never said no authority... Go past, bruv..."

Passer-by: "Thank you"


"Abu Haleema": "Rather, Allah sent the authority for what? Allah sent the authority to make takfir on the tyrants and in that is to make takfir upon the polytheists. To make takfir upon anyone who commits polytheism. To make takfir upon anyone, regardless of what his claims are of Islam or whether he says: 'There is no God but Allah.' If he commits polytheism, then for you to be a Muslim – you have to make takfir on him.


"All you people who love to go around and talk about Jihad for the sake of Allah, when you don't even know the creed, you claim that you don't believe in the excuse of ignorance, but you do. It is in your books. You say in your books, yourselves, anyone who claims Islam – they are not infidels until an Islamic authority establishes on them.


"And we make takfir on you."

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