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May 15, 2019
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Brazilian Politician Prof. Jamal Harfoush Praises Jerusalem Stabbing, Refers to Saud Clan as "Mordechai" Clan, Says Jihad in Palestine Will Continue Until the Land Is Liberated

#7403 | 03:26
Source: The Internet - "Harfoush on YouTube"

Brazilian politician Professor Jamal Harfoush uploaded several videos to his YouTube channel in which he discussed his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a May 15, 2019 video, Professor Harfoush said that the Nakbah and the establishment of Israel would not have been possible if not for the "homosexual Freemason collaborator" Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, for the Egyptian Expeditionary Forces which he said later evolved into the military junta that runs Egypt, or for the collaboration of the Saud clan – which he referred to as the "Mordechai" clan – with Britain. Professor Harfoush said that Palestine is Islamic Arab land and that the jihad against the occupation will be passed down to future generations until the land is liberated. In a different video he uploaded on June 1, 2019, Professor Harfoush praised the June 2017 Damascus Gate stabbing that took the life of an Israeli policewoman, saying that the crimes of the Zionist occupation will continue to be met with resistance. In a June 15, 2019 video, Professor Harfoush added that the Palestinians must make more sacrifices until they can establish an independent Palestinian state, and he said: "Let the powerful Palestinian fighting rifle be aimed at the chests of our enemies [and] their collaborators, thus foiling their conspiracies." For a similar video from Professor Harfoush, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7078.

May 15, 2019

Jamal Harfoush: "The Nakbah would not have been possible if not for the gangs that were the so-called [Arab] conscript armies.


"It would have been impossible to hand Jerusalem over to the British occupation forces if not for the homosexual Freemason collaborator, [Mustafa Kemal] Ataturk – who abolished the Caliphate – and if not for the [Egyptian] Expeditionary Force, which Britain put together out of the most despicable Egyptian lowlifes, and which later evolved into the military junta that rules Egypt with an iron fist.


"The existence of Israel would not have been possible if Britain had not occupied the Arabian Peninsula by means of its collaborators in the Mordechai clan, better known as the Saud clan. Their patriarch, the so-called Abdulaziz 'Pig' Al-Saud, surrendered Palestine to the Jews in his own handwriting.


"We have not forgotten you, oh Palestine, and we never will. We will pass the keys to the homes, the deeds to the lands, the love of the land, and the Jihad against the occupiers to future generations until Palestine is liberated in its entirety and until it is restored to its original owners. Palestine is Islamic. This is Arab land. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab endowed it to all the monotheist Muslims across the world."


June 1, 2019

"Jerusalem shall remain the axis of the Arab-Zionist conflict. It will remain the compass of our resistance, whether the defeatists want it or not. Our people, supported by all the free peoples of the world, will continue their resistance and their struggle until every grain of Palestinian soil is restored.


"The crimes of the Zionist occupation against our people and our holy places in the city of Jerusalem will be met by more resistance on the part of our people and their forces, and they will be met by more heroic operations and unity on the ground, as was clearly manifest in the [June 2017 Damascus Gate stabbing] attack."


June 15, 2019

"Our nation must make more sacrifices and engage in more struggle until we restore our Palestinian people their land, their freedom, and their rights, and until we enable them to establish our independent national state on Palestinian land. Let the powerful Palestinian fighting rifle be aimed at the chests of our enemies – the Zionists and their collaborators – thus foiling their conspiracies against the Palestinian land and people and against the Arab nation."

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