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Sep 06, 2020
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Former Hamas Representative In Tehran Mustafa Al-Lidawi: Jews Used Blood Of Non-Jewish Children For Passover Matzos; Israelis Still Believe In This Practice But No Longer Perform It

#8306 | 00:54
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Former Hamas Representative in Tehran Mustafa Al-Lidawi said in an interview on the Iranian Arabic language Al-Alam TV, on September 6, 2020, that European Jews Used to mix the blood of non-Jewish children in the Passover Matzos. He added that although the Israelis no longer practice this today, they still believe that God commanded them to use the blood of goyim, non-Jews, in their Passover Matzo. Al-Lidawi was one of the Hamas leaders, who were deported by Israel to Lebanon in the early 1990s. He later served as the Hamas representative in Tehran and had his own show on Al-Alam TV. Al-Lidawi was eventually expelled from Hamas. He made some headlines in 2012, when he was kidnapped in Syria and was tortured by his captors, before his release, following Hamas and Hizbullah mediation.

Mustafa Al-Lidawi: "As I've said, the entire structure of the Hebrew state is Jewish. The holidays, the Sabbath... I would like to mention the Israeli holiday of Passover, which is celebrated every year in April. The Europeans hated the Jews because of this holiday, because they used to make matzos with the blood of European children. Although they do not actually practice this today, the Israelis still believe that God commanded them to make matzos from the blood of the goyim, the non-Jews, and to distribute these matzos to every Jew."

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