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Oct 10, 2014
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Berlin Imam: Anti-ISIS Coalition Fans the Flames of Terrorism

#4550 | 02:11
Source: Online Platforms

In a Friday sermon delivered at the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque in Berlin, Imam Abdel Kader Dawud said: "It is this hypocrisy, this coalition that sides with one party against the other, that fans the flames of what they call terrorism." The sermon was posted on the Internet on October 10.


In a previous sermon, posted on the Internet in September, he said that ISIS atrocities "should not induce us to incite the infidels against them" (see MEMRI TV clip 4495 at www.memritv.org).



Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered at Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque, Berlin, by Imam Abdel Kader Dawud, which was posted on the Internet on October 10, 2014:



Abdel Kader Dawud: When the Islamic State organization liberated Mosul from the people who used to bring calamities upon its inhabitants, as reported by the people of those parts, we thanked it and praised its efforts. But when videos surfaced, showing them banishing the Christians – and only God knows if these videos are genuine… When it was reported that the had committed all kinds of mistake deeds – about which we Muslims have reservations and which we condemn – we said that we denounce these acts, if it was really them.






With regard to the coalition established to fight the Islamic State organization, during the holiday, we saw it destroying homes of innocent people – children, women, the elderly, and people who do not belong to that organization. Can you, as a Muslim, rejoice when Muslims are bombed and their homes destroyed? For a long time, the Syrian regime was bombing, killing, and wreaking destruction, but no coalition was mobilized.






It is this hypocrisy, this coalition that sides with one party against the other, that fans the flames of what they call terrorism, and incited the youth. This is not done by the sheiks in the mosques. A young man who wants to join ISIS or Al-Qaeda does not turn to any sheik in any mosque. His source of authority is not a sheik, but the Internet, where he watches the videos and witnesses the hypocrisy of that coalition. We should rectify things. If we want to fight terrorism and provide safety and security worldwide, we must act in a just manner.





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