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Feb 03, 2021
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Arafat's Former Advisor Bassam Abu Sharif: The Western Wall Is Algerian Property

#8696 | 02:15
Source: Assalam TV (Algeria)

Assalam TV (Algeria) aired a news report that claimed that the Western Wall, known to Muslims as Al-Buraq, is in fact the property of Algerian Islamic endowment on February 3, 2021. Bassam Abu Sharif, former advisor to Yasser Arafat, said over the phone that the U.S. State Department wanted the Palestinian Authority to cancel the documents proving this. The reporter added that researchers of Islamic endowment claim that there are tens of thousands of properties that belong to Algerian Islamic endowments in Jerusalem, and they suggest that Algeria turn to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to demand that the "Zionist entity" return them.

Host: "Properties belonging to Algerian religious endowments in Palestine, including the Al-Buraq Wall [the Western Wall], can be added to the list of properties belonging to Algerian Islamic endowments that have not been retrieved to this very day. Some Palestinian figures disclosed that this Islamic endowment [i.e. the Western Wall] belongs to Algeria, and that Algerian authorities can demand its retrieval."


Narrator: "In a sensational revelation, Bassam Abu Sharif, the former advisor to the deceased President Yasser Arafat, disclosed that the Al-Buraq Wall in occupied Palestine belongs to Algeria. He added that the American government wants the Palestinian Authority to cancel the documents that prove this or get rid of them."

Bassam Abu-Sharif: "The article that I sent mentions these documents by name. This drove the U.S. State Department crazy, and they demanded to cancel these documents, just as they have canceled the map of Palestine and the name 'Palestine' in the U.S. State Department. Trump decided to cancel Palestine, and he wanted the [Palestinian] Authority to cancel the documents that prove that the Al-Buraq Wall is Algerian property.

"Naturally, the Algerians who lived next to the place of the Prophet's night journey became citizens of the state, but this does not cancel their origins. Their origin is Algerian. They are Muslim Arabs who came from Algeria with the Muslim Arab Liberation Army."

Narrator: "In addition to the Al-Buraq Wall, many reports by researchers of Islamic endowment reveal that there are tens of thousands of properties belonging to Algerian endowment in the occupied part of Jerusalem in Palestine. [The researchers of Islamic endowment] emphasize that Algeria can turn to the International Court of Justice in the Hague in order to demand the Zionist entity to return [the properties.]"

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