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Nov 20, 2009
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Baghdad Friday Sermon by Sheik Abd Al-Khalil Al-Fadhawi: "The West Vomited All Over the East, and That Vomit Is Israel"

#2281 | 03:55
Source: Baghdad TV (Iraq)

Following are excerpts from a Baghdad Friday sermon by Sheik Abd Al-Khalil Al-Fadhawi, which aired on Baghdad TV on November 20, 2009.

Sheik Abd Al-Khalil Al-Fadhawi: “When a Muslim in India cries, it softens my heart, and when a Muslim in China complains, it makes me cry.” That’s the way it is, brothers – we are all related, we are all descendants of Adam. The [division into] nationalities, races, regions, and sects is merely one of the methods of the West to sow disintegration among Muslims, to eradicate their unity.

Don’t you know that China comprises more than 65 nationalities, that the Soviet Union comprised more than 45 nationalities, and that India has more than 370 man-made religions? They are all united. Today, more than 1,000 languages are spoken in Africa, yet it is united in the African Union. Europe, despite all its races, nationalities, and languages, is united within the European Union.

That false Israel, that dagger planted in the heart of the [Islamic] nation, that cancerous growth in our countries... The West vomited all over the East, and that vomit is the state of Israel. People, speaking hundreds of languages, were brought from 59 countries, but have you heard, over the past sixty years, of a Jewish civil war?

Why do we fight one another? Why do we have differences? Why do we hurt one another? Why do we bring one another down? We must unite and bring death upon the plots of the enemies, before they spread them among us.


We are a nation exhorted to read. The first verse sent down [by Allah] was: “Read, in the name of the Lord, the Cherisher, who created.” It is strange that there are 70 million illiterate people in the Arab world. In Iraq, there are five million illiterate people. In the Islamic world, 33% do not read and write well. Does this befit us? I read that a month ago, Japan marked the death of its last illiterate person. We are the nation that was exhorted to read, a nation of civilization. We used to be the teachers and masters of the world, but today we have become its servants – a mark of Cain upon this nation.


We should know that the [West] would like to break up the Muslim family – children, daughters, men, and women. It enrages them to see that Muslims take pride in their families, in their mothers, their fathers, and their children. They themselves live in shattered families. Their women are in the streets, their elderly in old-age homes, their babies in day-care centers, and the children in orphanages. Their families are in shreds. There is a constant rise in the number of waifs and illegitimate children.

Even worse, they have now discovered a new type of family – two men married to one another, or two women married to one another. In the Los Angeles area, there were 40,000 marriages of man to man, and 45,000 marriages of woman to woman.

They want to create families that are alien to the Muslim countries. They want to tear families apart, and to destroy the countries of the Muslims. We should encourage our youth to marry at a young age.

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