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Oct 10, 2023
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Australian Islamic Scholar Nassim Abdi: There Were No 'Innocent Victims' On October 7; These People Were Provoking The Palestinians; They Do Not Show Male Victims – Only 'Victoria Secret Models' In Skimpy Clothing – In Order To Garner Western Sympathy; Where Are All The Ugly Women?

#10603 | 02:58
Source: Online Platforms - "Nassim Abdi on Facebook"

Australian Islamic scholar Nassim Abdi said in an October 10, 2023 video posted on his Facebook page that there were no "innocent victims" on October 7. He said that these people were placed on the borders to cause problems and provoke the Palestinians. Abdi continued to claim that these people made the choice to come to Israel, even though they "knew that it is illegal under international law." He asked how come all the victims seen on the news are beautiful women, who look like Vicotria Secret models, dressed in skimpy clothing to show that they share the same liberal values as the West.

Abdi said that there are claims that prisoners taken by Hamas were raped or tortured, but despite the fact that there were "millions" of videos of the event, none showed anyone raped or tortured, while they were alive. Abdi said that there were videos of people stepping on victims, but they were already dead. He explained that this was a result of "decades of anger." In another part of the video, Abdi said that the Jewish people returned to Israel, after the "so-called oppression of the Jewish people, and the so-called Holocaust." According to his Facebook page, Nassim Abdi is a "motivational speaker," who is based in Sydney, Australia, and delivers talks at various mosques in the area.

Nassim Abdi: "The [Jewish] people after World War II, regarding Hitler, the Nazis, the so-called oppression of the Jewish people, and the so-called Holocaust... The [international community] said: We will allow you to come back, and set up your place in what you call Israel, what we call Palestine.


"When it comes to the media's response [to October 7], one of the things we already mentioned is that continued use of the words 'innocent victims.' Does anyone here want to see an innocent victim get hurt? Jewish or otherwise? No one wants to see an innocent victim get hurt, so they use always [the term] 'innocent victims,' 'innocent victims.' These were not innocent victims, as we mentioned. These were people on the borders, these were army soldiers, they were people who were infuriating the Palestinian people.

"They were people who were there to cause problems, to provoke, and to oppress [the Palestinians] by taking over their lands. These were people who made the choice to go back to Israel, to get citizenship there, and to live there, knowing that it is illegal under international law – they know that and they did not care. So do not say that they are innocent victims, as if they had [done] nothing.

"Secondly, when it comes to 'innocent victims' – the women that they shown... You never hear them talking about the men, talking about the soldiers. They always say: 'Women and children,' 'women and children,' 'women and children.' Obviously this is a soft spot in people's hearts. Which women did you see in the news? Did you see any ugly ones? Did they not show any ugly ones on the news? [This is] an honest question. There were no ugly women on the news. [The October 7 victims] looked like Victoria Secret supermodels.


"This is human psychology. They put these women there for what reason? To show that we are beautiful women, we are free women. They put them there in their skimpy clothing. We are just like you in the West, we enjoy the same freedoms, the same liberal understanding as you guys. Help us, be with us, we are one against these savages, these beasts.


"You made the choice to live there, this is a consequence. They put up photos of them and act as if it is nothing. In the media, there are articles, [stating] that they are taking these prisoners and they are raping them. There are millions and millions of videos [filmed on October 7] out there now, which one of them showed rape? Which one of them showed torture to a person who was alive? Yes, 100%, when a person was dead, we have seen them stepping on them. One hundred percent – we have seen that. That was decades and decades of anger."

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