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Dec 22, 2023
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Australian Imam Ahmad Zoud In Sydney Friday Sermon: The Jews Are Bloodthirsty And Treacherous Criminals, Terrorists, And Monsters — Not All the Jews Are Like This, Just Most Of Them

#10769 | 03:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Masjid As-Sunnah Lakemba on Facebook"

In a December 22, 2023, Friday sermon at Masjid As-Sunnah Lakemba in Sydney, Australia, which was streamed live on the mosque's Facebook page, Imam Ahmad Zoud spoke about the "characteristics of the Jews." He described Jews as criminals, terrorists, and Zionists, but qualified that not all Jews were like this, "just most of them." He continued to say that they are characterized as being bloodthirsty and treacherous. Zoud continued to say that the Jews are cowards and that they fled "like rats" from the mujahideen in Gaza.

Imam Ahmad Zoud: "Who are these criminals who perpetrate these crimes? Who are the terrorists who act and behave this way? Who are these monsters from whose hearts mercy has been ripped out? My people, these are the Zionists. These are the Jews. However, not all of the Jews are like that; just most of them. The most important characteristic of the Jews is that they are bloodthirsty. They love to shed blood. From an early age, they raise their children on terrorism, violence, and killing.

"Jews remain Jews. They are not changed by the passing of time. Oh Muslims, servants of Allah, betrayal and treachery are among the characteristics of the Jews. Betrayal is one of their traits, and treachery is a characteristic deeply rooted in them.

"In Gaza, we've seen the Quranic truth [about Jews being cowardly] with our own eyes, when these cowards collapsed in the face of the attacks of the mujahideen, and ran away from them like rats."

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