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Sep 21, 2011
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Archival - British Islamist Abu Waleed Fantasizes about the Virgins of Paradise

#4785 | 02:54
Source: Online Platforms

In a lesson posted on the Internet in September 2011, British Islamist Shahid Janjua (known as "Abu Waleed") fantasized about the black-eyed virgins of Paradise, saying that she would have 70 assistants in bed with her, all with see-through dresses. He further said: "We will put the niqab on the face of Queen Elizabeth... and of the wife of Obama" and "make Obama our slave."

Abu Waleed: "The Hereafter is much better. We studied this last week, when we studied about the people of Paradise. They will be sitting, they will come inside their home, and there will be a jewel, and inside the jewel there will be a bed, and inside the bed there will be your houri, houri, houri - your black-eyed virgin. Your wife will be there. And not just your houri - she won't be there on her own. No. Not just your wife within the bed, but her 70 assistants with her as well…She will have her entourage… Abu Entourage… Her many assistants… And they will have many dresses, and they will all be see-through… Like I said to you, it's nice to have women who are naked, but it's better to have women with a dress which is see-through. This one is a little bit more enjoyable. But these are all the pleasures of Paradise."


"When the houri has her dress, which is see-through, you can see the shape of her leg, you can see all of her curves. All these beautiful things that you will get in Paradise are better than this life."


"That's why I believe that one day, they can have all of these tyrants in charge, but we will put the niqab on the face of Queen Elizabeth, Allah willing, and on the wife of Obama as well. We will make Obama our slave as well, Allah willing. Yeah, that's right. He can clean our shoes, Allah willing.

"Remember the time of Saladin, when one Muslim had 30 infidels as captives. He had war booty, and he traded them for a pair of shoes. That's the worth of 30 infidels – they are not worth anything. They are less than an ant, less than an insect, less than a dog. A dog has more honor than an infidel. At least a dog is loyal toward you. You can't leave an infidel next door to you."


"We're not out to glorify and we don't support terrorists, or anything like that – for the sake of the camera."

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