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Feb 18, 2022
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Chinese Journalist Li Gang On Arabic-Language CGTN Network: U.S. Does Not Want To Resolve Russia-Ukraine Crisis, But To Drive A Wedge Between Russia And Europe

#9375 | 01:52
Source: CGTN Network (China)

Chinese journalist Li Gang said in an Arabic-language video posted on CGTN Network (China) on February 18, 2022 that America doesn't really want to resolve the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. He elaborated that the U.S. is "trying to create strategic tension in Europe" so that the U.S. can keep European countries, and particularly those in eastern Europe, dependent on it. Li also said that America is using the Ukrainian issue to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. For more about Li Gang, see MEMRI TV clips 8637, 8395, 8178, 8164, and 8032.

Li Gang: "It is strange that even though both Russia and Ukraine have repeatedly declared that they are not interested in war, the U.S. has continued to amplify [its claim] about an imminent Russian war against Ukraine. Why is that? First, Washington is trying to create strategic tensions in Europe, by blowing the 'Russian threat' out of proportion, so that the European countries — in particular, the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics — follow its orders. 

"This way, the U.S. can dominate the geopolitical security situation in Europe, and curb the European efforts to achieve strategic security independence.

"Second, America does not really want to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. Rather, it is trying to keep the Ukrainian crisis boiling. This is the usual pretext that the U.S. uses many times, in order to generate resolution by stirring confrontation and conflict.


"Third, the U.S. wants to use the Ukrainian issue to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. This will weaken the ties between Europe and Russia, with regard to natural gas, economy, and trade, and will increase the isolation of Russia. But the Europeans know that if a war breaks out in Europe, the U.S. is likely to watch from the sidelines, and Europe will be left to deal with the consequences alone."

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