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Apr 10, 2021
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Arab Parliament Official And Iraqi MP Dr. Dhafer Alani: I Recommend Designating Iran-Affiliated Militias In Iraq As Terror Organizations, Like ISIS

#8806 | 02:32
Source: Online Platforms - "The Arab Parliament on YouTube"

Iraqi MP Dr. Dhafer Alani, chairman of the political committee of the Arab Parliament, called upon the Arab League to consider including the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq in the list of terror organizations, which includes such groups as ISIS. He made these remarks in a speech, which was delivered at the Arab Parliament and posted on its official YouTube channel on April 10, 2021. The Arab Parliament is the legislative body of the Arab League. Dr. Alani said that it is a "peculiar paradox" that some international human rights organizations "publish mistaken reports about the human rights situation in some stable Arab countries," but fail to include countries that "languish under the pressure of oppression and subjugation."

He said that in Iraq there are more than 10,000 cases of forced disappearance, and that young leaders of the protests that began in October 2019 have been "systematically abducted, terrorized, and killed." In addition, Dr. Alani described attempts by the militias to generate a demographic change in Iraq by forcing hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes and lands. He added that Iraqi civilians suffer Katyusha rocket shells because Iran has chosen to settle its foreign disputes with the U.S. in Iraq.

Dr. Dhafer Alani: "It is a peculiar paradox that [international] human rights organizations, which are affiliated with well-known circles, publish mistaken reports about the human rights situation in some stable Arab countries, which have witnessed a significant leap in the general rights and liberties they guarantee, such as the Gulf countries and Egypt.

At the same time, these organizations ignore or diminish the importance of the severe violations of human rights in countries that are languishing under the pressure of oppression and subjugation. Iraq is another tearful story. Human rights in Iraq are being severely violated by militias that ride on the back of the Iraqi state. There are more than 10,000 cases of forced disappearance. To this day, nobody knows what happened to these people. Their families have been denied the right to bury remains of their children, or even to have some consolation.

Young leaders of the demonstrations [that started in] October 2019 have been systematically abducted, terrorized, and killed. To this day, nobody knows the identity of their killers. In Jurf Al-Sakhar, an Iraqi city at the outskirts of Baghdad, the militias forbid 100,000 Iraqis to return to their homes and farms. The same happens in dozens of Iraqi cities. This is a depraved attempt to generate a demographic change. Civilian population is being shelled with Iranian-made Katyusha rockets. Apparently, the Iraqis must pay the price for the confounded relations between America and Iran, and wait for the outcome of their negotiations, since Tehran has decided to settle its foreign disputes in Iraq, at the hand of its criminal militias.


"I call upon my brothers in the Arab parliament to recommend [that the Arab League] examine the inclusion of these criminal militias on its list of terror organizations, and deal with them the way it deals with the terrorist ISIS organization. Thank you very much."

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