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Jul 01, 2013
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Antisemitic Arab TV Series "Khaybar": Deception Is the Creed of the Jews, Conspiracy Their Religion

#3934 | 02:20
Source: Dubai TV

Following are excerpts from three episodes of the antisemitic Arab TV series "Khaybar," which aired on Dubai TV on June 7, 10, and 18, 2013:

Convention of Jewish leaders

Jewish leader Sallam Ibn Abu Al-Huqayq: Under what pretext shall we fight [the Muslims] in order to finish them off? Have they demonstrated any hostility toward us? Have they declared any ill-will that they have been harboring toward us?

Jewish leader Shas bin Qays: Not yet, but they will. And even if they don't I will confront [Muhammad] by myself. I will declare in front of his followers that he is a liar, who is leading them to perdition.

Sallam Ibn Abu Al-Huqayq: Stop clowning around, Shas.

Shas bin Qays: Sallam! Even if he is a prophet, he shall be killed. Have you forgotten that many a prophet has been killed by the Israelites?


Yousuf, a Jewish convert to Islam confronts two Jewish leaders who come to visit him in the dungeon, where he is shackled

Yousuf: Life and death are in the hands of the Creator alone, and nothing will befall me except what He has decreed.

Jewish rabbi: Is that what it says in [Muhammad's] book? You are much better with our book.

Yousuf: You mean the laws of Moses which you forged?

Jewish rabbi: You are as blind as Ibn Hawwash!

Yousuf: I swear that ever since I have fallen into this dark dungeon, I see better than ever. I see that you will continue in your sinful ways until a new era dawns, and you become as frail as straw.

Yousuf spits

Jewish rabbi: Deprive him of food and drink until he comes to his senses. Shut the door and lock it.


Jewish leader: We, the Jews, are not satisfied with anything but deception and scheming in the dark.

Senior Jewish leader: Watch what you say!

Jewish leader: Do you know what the master of schemes and deception said before his death?

Sallam Ibn Abu Al-Huqayq: Are you referring to Huyay Ibn Akhtab [the leader of the Jewish tribe of Bani Nadhir]? You didn't tell me that he is dead.

Jewish leader: He was killed.


Ever since they rebelled against Moses, deception has become their creed and conspiracy their religion – until the end of time.


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