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Oct 04, 2020
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American Embassy in Baghdad, U.S. Military Base, under Attack in Animation Videos Posted on Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades-Affiliated Social Media Accounts

#8348 | 01:07
Source: Online Platforms - ""Kaf" on Telegram"

On October 4, 2020, an animated video posted on the Kaf Telegram channel, which is affiliated with the Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades depicted American soldiers, tanks, and aircraft protecting a caricature of U.S. President Donald Trump at the "American Dumbassy" in Baghdad from a giant Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades fighter. In a similar video posted there on October 7, a U.S. military installation is shown being bombed. American aircraft and tanks are shown in flames, and a wounded American soldier is seen crawling on the ground before transforming into a flag-covered coffin. Both videos ended with the Quranic verse: "They see it far and we see it soon." (Quran 70:6-7)

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