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Jan 18, 2023
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American Holocaust Denier Ron Unz On Iran TV: Holocaust-Worship Has Replaced Christianity; Once Americans Start Doubting The Holocaust, They Will Also Doubt 9/11 And The JFK Assassination; Only 200,000 Jews Died In The Camps

#10068 | 02:39
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

American writer Ron Unz said in an interview aired on Channel 4 (Iran) on January 18, 2023, that "Holocaust worship," which he said is also known as "Holocaustianity," has replaced traditional religion in American society. He said that "Jewish-dominated" Hollywood is partly responsible for this, and when asked by show host Arash Drya-Bandari (also known as Blake Archer Williams) about how many Jews "actually" died in the Holocaust, Unz replied that the number was no more than a "couple hundred thousand." He also said that once the American people start to doubt the Holocaust, they will start to doubt other things that were "suppressed" by the media, such as the JFK assassination or the events of 9/11.

Ron Unz: "The large-scale introduction of the Holocaust into American public life probably occurred through the graces of Hollywood. In other words, Hollywood is overwhelmingly Jewish-dominated. Most of the leading directors are Jewish. The film studios are generally either owned, dominated, or established by Jewish people, and they all believed in the Holocaust.   


"A huge wave of movies were produced by Hollywood on the alleged 'Holocaust.' And since most people believe what they see on the TV  screen, or believe what they see, for example, on the movie screen, those films – dozens of films, or even possibly hundreds of films – have completely reshaped the reality that most people have.


"In American society, we live a very secular life. In other words, most of the traditional religions in America – certainly including mostly Christianity – has really disintegrated away so that the number of the people [who] believe in those religions has gotten to be very small. In many ways, the Holocaust worship has become almost a substitute for those traditional religions like Christianity. In fact, sometimes critics of the Holocaust describe it as 'Holocaustianity.'


"Billions of dollars, tens of billions of dollars, have been paid out to the alleged 'survivors of the Holocaust' or the State of Israel. You have tremendous vested interests now who are tremendously committed to supporting this notion, even if it does not have much basis in reality."


Host: "The six million is obvious nonsense.


"What is your opinion as to how many Jews actually perished in the camps?"


Unz: "A couple of hundred thousand Jews died in the concentration camps.


"If people really start to doubt the Holocaust, I think they'll doubt everything else that they hear from the American media. In my case, one reason I was open to starting to doubt the Holocaust is that I have come across so many other elements of American history that have been suppressed. And, you know, if those things were false, if what I believed in the media on the JFK assassination, or 9/11, or so many other issues were false, it made me much more confident that I could explore carefully the issue of the Holocaust."

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