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Aug 05, 2014
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Al-Jazeera Report on Hamas Militants in Gaza Tunnel

#4404 | 04:14
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

On August 6, 2014, during the humanitarian ceasefire, Al-Jazeera aired a report from one of the tunnels on the Gaza-Israel border. The footage, according to reporter Tamer Mishal, indicates that the resistance is "alive and well," their missiles "ready on the launching pads."


Following is an excerpt:



TV reporter Tamer Mishal: They have not removed their fingers from the trigger despite the lull. The snipers of the Palestinian resistance and its fighters have not left their ambush posts.



This Al-Qassam Brigades sniper is following the soldiers' movement in an Israeli military tower on the border and around it.



Here you see military deployment of another kind. These are members of the Al-Qassam [anti-]tank unit. Their missiles, aimed at the Israeli tanks and vehicles, are still in place.



Al-Qassam militant: From this border post, we have destroyed several tanks, and the enemy can attest to that. You can [see the evidence] around here. In light of the circumstances, we in the Al-Qassam Brigades have not received orders from our commanders to leave the battlefield. We are on high alert, and we will not leave this place until the oppressive enemy succumbs to the terms of the resistance, whether it likes it or not.



Tamer Mishal: Members of the Al-Qassam Brigades are deployed in many posts on the border. Their various missiles are ready on the launching pads. This footage indicates that the resistance is alive and well, despite the violent attack by the Israeli war machine, which has destroyed many lives and stones.



Al-Qassam militant: We say to the oppressive enemy, who deludes himself that his goals have been accomplished... You are reporting from here, and you can witness the capabilities of the resistance. You will see a lot more. We remain on the border with all of our capabilities. Our brothers in charge of the supplies provide us with everything we need, and we are ready to remain steadfast in this battle, until all the conditions of the resistance are met.



Tamer Mishal: in order to demonstrate their strength and steadfastness even in the areas that suffered the greatest devastation, this Al-Qassam Brigades activist took us to this frontline trench.



Al-Qassam activist: We are now inside a 120 mm mortar launching shaft...



Tamer Mishal: These three remained steadfast in this shaft throughout the war, despite the military incursion in the region.



Al-Qassam activist: This is a 120 mm mortar launching shaft in the Khuza'a area. We remain here because we are familiar with the deceptiveness of the Jews. From this shaft we shelled several settlements and military concentrations. This shaft was surrounded by dozens of Zionist tanks and vehicles. They were only a few dozens of meters away.



Let me remind the Zionist enemy of Friday [sic], July 28, at 16:25, when we launched five mortars at the Eshkol settlement, where dozens were killed and wounded. The enemy should remember that black day.



Tamer Mishal: The high-quality tunnels of the resistance continue to be the secret behind its successful surprise attacks. This is one of the tunnels on the Gaza-Israel border. The Al-Qassam Brigades say that the tunnels remain operational, and that their hidden capabilities are even greater than seen so far.



Above and below ground, the Palestinian resistance has prepared for the Israeli aggression. It demonstrated an ability to surprise the enemy and cause it pain. As the negotiations continue, the resistance says that it is prepared for all options and for all necessary sacrifices, in order to accomplish its demands and the demands of its people.



This is Tamer Mishal, reporting for Al-Jazeera, from one of the resistance tunnels on the Gaza border.


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