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Jan 17, 2024
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New Jihadi Group Al-Farouq Brigades Threatens To Launch Attacks Against Israel From Sinai, Warns Egyptian Army Not To Stand In Their Way: It Is The Duty Of Every Muslim To Take Up Arms And Wage Jihad Against Israel, Avenge The Blood Of The Martyrs In Gaza

#10817 | 03:26
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Farouq Brigades on Telegram"

A recently established group calling itself "the Al-Farouq Brigades in Sinai" published an eight-minute video on its Telegram channel on January 17, 2024, showing three masked fighters standing in front of a photo of Mohammad Salah, the Egyptian soldier who carried out the June 2023 shooting on the border between Israel and Egypt that killed several Israeli soldiers. A masked man read a message saying that it is the duty of every Muslim to take up arms and wage Jihad to defend the people of Palestine and avenge the blood of the "martyrs." He called for members of the armed forces in Egypt and other countries bordering Israel as well as any other person that carries weapons in these countries to take action. In addition, he said that boycotting McDonald's and Starbucks is not enough, and asked: "What are you waiting for? Are our lives worth more than the lives of our brothers in Gaza?"

Speaker: "By the grace of Allah, this is Message #1 of the Al-Farouq Brigades movement. We are launching [our movement] from the blessed land of Sinai, in support of our brave resistance in Gaza, and to avenge the blood of over 20,000 martyrs – defenseless women and children in beloved Palestine. For over 80 days, the brutal Zionist aggression has continued, as well as the genocidal crimes against the Gaza Strip.


"Therefore, it is incumbent upon every Muslim, Arab, and free man in this world to take up arms and wage Jihad for the sake of Allah, to fend off injustice from his oppressed brothers.


"To the brutal Zionist occupier, we say: 'Continuing to commit your unprecedented crimes against the women and children in Gaza will not change the fact of your failure and defeat, and the fact that your army has been disgraced, and that your weak and cowardly soldiers were vanquished by the brave resistance. With the help of Allah, this unprecedented aggression will be met by unprecedented response from us. Your borders are exposed to us, from Eilat in the south to Kerem Shalom in the north. Know that the gates of Hell have opened upon you from all sides, from Lebanon and Yemen recently, from blessed Sinai today, and from Jordan tomorrow.'


"To our brothers in the armed forces in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and to any armed person in the countries surrounding [Israel]: 'Allah and history will not forgive you, nor the oppressed women and children forgive you for letting them down. Whoever has a weapon in those countries, and is not using it against the enemy, its interests, and the commercial routes that bring goods to the enemy, should start preparing his answer to Allah on Judgment Day.'


"We have taken an oath to save every bullet for the criminal Zionists. We will not spill the blood of a Muslim or an Arab, except for people who prevent us from reaching the enemy or defend it. Beware that you do not meet Allah while defending the Zionists and their interests.


"To the masses of our Arab and Muslim nation, especially in the countries surrounding [Israel]: How come you make do with boycotting Starbucks and McDonalds?


"What are you waiting for? Are our lives worth more than the lives of our brothers in Gaza?"  

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