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Aug 08, 2023
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Afghan Taliban Defense Ministry Officer Wakeel Ahmad Mubariz: America Has Certainly Failed In Its Goals Of Defeating The Taliban, Establishing Democracy In Afghanistan

#10421 | 01:46

On August 6, 2023, Afghan Taliban Defense Ministry officer Wakeel Ahmad Mubariz tweeted a video in which he said that America has "certainly" failed in its goals of defeating the Taliban, defeating the Islamic Emirate, and establishing democracy in Afghanistan.

Wakeel Ahmad Mubariz: "America's goal, which we and you are discussing now, was to destroy the Taliban. You can hear President Bus's talks, which are available in many media archives, and also you can see [them] on YouTube. He said: 'We will eliminate the Taliban in three months only.'


"The second goal was that the Islamic Emirate and system in Afghanistan would not survive. The third goal was to [establish] the rule of democracy in Afghanistan. They tried for 20 years [to force] this democracy. There have been some other goals, hidden goals, but these are the goals that we heard from the leaders of the time, and these are known to everyone. These goals that we see have not been achieved by the United States.


"They were unable to stop the Taliban, which was a major factor in Afghanistan.


"Democracy failed in Afghanistan, with all its shortcomings. The expenses it had made, the soldiers of America killed there, and the time they were here until they left... We can say that the United States has certainly failed in Afghanistan."

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