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Jun 12, 2021
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Commander In Islamic Jihad Al-Quds Brigades Commando Unit: These Tunnels Will Be The Graveyard Of The Soldiers Of The Occupation; Get Out Of Our Lands Or We Will Come To Kill And Kidnap You

#8920 | 02:52
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

"Abu Al-Bahaa," a commander in Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigades Commando Unit said that the Gaza tunnels will be the graveyard of the "soldiers of the occupation." He made his remarks during an interview that was filmed in one of the tunnels, dubbed "tunnels of freedom" by Abu Al-Bahaa, and aired on Palestine Today TV (Gaza/Lebanon) on June 12, 2021. Abu Al-Bahaa said that the unit is ready to join the fray at any given moment, and its fighters have their hands on the triggers while they await a decision by their leaders to attack the "Zionist enemy" inside the "lands occupied in 1948." He also said that they are waiting to surprise the "enemy" and initiate a new round of fighting. Abu Al-Bahaa directed a message to the "Zionist public," saying that it must "get out of our lands" or the PIJ will come to kill and kidnap them.

Abu Al-Bahaa: "Naturally, life is different under the ground from life above the ground, but it is Allah's will that the mujahideen feel that they must overcome these hardships for the sake of liberating the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as the prisoners. We turn these hardships into a blessing from Allah for the mujahideen and the fighters, in order to enhance our power and fight the Zionist enemy and its deep-rooted arrogance from under the ground. Despite all the hardships that our mujahideen have overcome through their heroic battles, we feel that we are very close to Jerusalem, Allah willing, and that we are engaged in ribat on one of the battlefields of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We feel that we are nearing victory, thanks to these tunnels, the tunnels of freedom.


We followed the 'Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem' by the minute, along with the leadership of the Al-Quds Brigades. We followed the maneuvers of the enemy on the ground, along with all the units of the Al-Quds Brigades, in order to gain precise information about the events of this war. We thwarted the enemy's attempts at misleading us to believe that there is a ground operation, which they did in order to target the mujahideen in these tunnels. We say to the Zionist enemy that the Al-Quds Brigades and its commando unit are ready at any given moment to join the fray, Allah willing. The enemy has only two options in case of war – either they are killed in Gaza, or they are taken captive. These tunnels will be the graveyard of the soldiers of the occupation. Allah willing.


"We do not care about what the Zionist enemy says through its wretched media. What we care about is the capabilities of our mujahideen on the battlefield, and the fact that we are here in the tunnels after the 'Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem,' just like we were in the tunnels and during the 'Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem.' Our tunnels are long. The Zionist enemy and its vanquished army will see our force inside the lands occupied in 1948. We are awaiting the decision by the leadership of the Al-Quds Brigades to surprise the enemy and initiate a new round of fighting. Ever since victory was declared after the 'Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem,' I have been yearning to advance in these tunnels, along with fighters whose fingers are on the trigger, ready and awaiting the decision of their leadership.


"Our message to the Zionist public is the following: 'Leave our lands, because our men, our mujahideen, and our fighters will come to you from everywhere, just waiting to kill and kidnap you, Allah willing.'"

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