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Feb 08, 2021
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Senior PMU Official Abu Ali Al-Basri: Arrogant America Must Leave Iraq; It Has Been Struck With Divine, Human Blows, Coronavirus, Internal Problems - Inshallah It Will Collapse

#8692 | 01:44
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Abu Ali Al-Basri, assistant to the PMU Chief of Staff, said that the Americans must leave Iraq, and the PMU would devise a plan to force them to leave. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Alam TV (Iran) on February 8, 2021. Al-Basri said that although their presence has decreased, the Americans are still plotting and playing tricks in order to preserve their rule and presence in Iraq. He added that "arrogant" America, which wants to dominate the world, has been struck by "both divine and human blows," the coronavirus and internal problems. Al-Basri said that inshallah America would grow weaker and collapse. For more about Abu Ali Al-Basri, see MEMRI TV clip no. 8612.

Abu Ali Al-Basri: "The American must leave [Iraq]. There is still [an American presence in Iraq], although it has decreased, America is still plotting, and it is definitely playing tricks in order to preserve its control and presence [in Iraq]. It will not withdraw from Iraq just like that. It is impossible that [America] would leave Iraq. We observed the Americans and we know them. We know this arrogant and haughty country, that wants to dominate and rule the world, although as of late, it was struck by both divine and human blows. It was afflicted with the coronavirus and it got weaker. America was inflicted by internal problems, and it grew weaker. Inshallah, it will grow even weaker and will be on its way to collapse.


"There are efforts to devise a plan for the full and speedy withdrawal of the Americans from Iraq. If this plan is not realized, we will move on to a different method to force the Americans to leave. It is the Iraqi people's decision that the American forces must leave Iraq, after they have committed this aggression against the Iraqi people and against the loyal forces among the Iraqi people, the PMU."

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