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Jul 06, 2023
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Fatah Revolutionary Council Member Abdel-Elah Atira Accuses Al-Jazeera Of Anti-Fatah Bias, Fomenting Infighting Among Arabs, Palestinians; Adds: Fatah Has Never Put Down Its Weapons Nor Recognized Israel

#10379 | 02:46
Source: Al-Awda TV (PA)

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Abdel-Elah Atira said in a July 6, 2023 interview on Awda TV (Palestinian Authority) that Qatar's Al-Jazeera Network spreads "poison" and has a strong anti-Fatah bias. He said that Al-Jazeera has an "obscene policy that strives to hurl the Palestinian cause towards infighting" and he argued that Fatah has not put down its weapons, nor has it recognized Israel. Atira added that Fatah has led "all Palestinian battles," including the recent one in the Jenin refugee camp.

Abdel-Elah Atira: "We hear the Al-Jazeera Network spreading its poison all the time.

"[Al-Jazeera TV] knows that it was successful during the Arab Spring, in acts of murder and slaughter, in million-martyr [marches], when Syria, Iraq, and Egypt were blown up. We will not allow such a thing to happen in Palestine, because the Palestinians are giants, and they know that [Al-Jazeera TV] was the first to host Israelis whose hands are soiled with the blood of Palestinian martyrs. Our people know that [Al-Jazeera] was the first to welcome Shimon Peres and other [Israelis] in their offices in Qatar.

"Our people know that Al-Jazeera cooperates with the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

"I am not attacking a specific TV host, but an obscene policy that strives to hurl the Palestinian cause towards infighting, a policy that excludes the fighters, replacing them with those who fled from the battlefield. I saw with my own eyes how Al-Jazeera TV moved its camera, so it would not show Fatah's flags and chants. The message this was conveying is that your pan-Arab loyalty has hit rock bottom, as did your loyalty to the free people of the world.


"The future belongs to the free patriots, and to those who have never laid down their weapons. Fatah has never laid down its weapons and has never recognized Israel. It has led all the Palestinian battles, including the latest one [in Jenin]."

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