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Mar 24, 2004
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Abd Al-Qader Yassin, a Palestinian Politician: Choosing Between Bush and Kerry is like Chosing Between Cholera and the Plague

#13 | 01:39
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The Saudi-based religious channel, Iqra TV, hosted a political debate in which Abd Al-Qader Yassin, a Palestinian politician and writer, and Rifa't Sayyed Ahmad, head of the Yaffa Research Center in Cairo participated. Following are excerpts from the discussion:

Moderator: This swine, Sharon, who personally oversaw the assassination, and congratulated his soldiers and dedicated this crime to them - How much could he personally benefit from this crime?

Abd Al-Qader Yassin: On the way over here, Dr. Rifa't was telling me how Sharon walked into a room once, carrying the heads of two girls, and boasting before the Israeli Chief of Staff. We are facing murderers, who stole land and a homeland and their only goal is to kill this country's owners.

Moderator: Sir, do you believe the American voter will vote for Kerry as a reaction to the position of Bush junior, who always supports Sharon?

Abd Al-Qader Yassin: And Kerry doesn't support him?! We need to choose between cholera and the plague. Our role?

Moderatpr: Two options, of which the better is bitter.

Abd Al-Qader Yassin: Where is the role we play in the US?! It does not exist. Unfortunately, I feel as though there are Arabs and Muslims who want to vote Sharon - I mean, Bush. There is no difference between them.

Rifa't Sayyed Ahmad: The Jihad to annihilate the Zionist enterprise is the solution; it will put an end to this country. In my opinion, in order to establish a Palestinian state, the Zionist state must be annihilated. Because these two states cannot coexist. A true Palestinian state means the annihilation of the current Jewish state.

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