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Aug 02, 2021
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Bahraini Islamic Scholar Sheikh Hassan Al-Husseini About Billboard Depicting French President Macron As Hitler: He Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine; This Is Divine Punishment For Defending The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Of Our Prophet

#9040 | 01:44

Bahraini Islamic scholar Sheikh Hassan Al-Husseini said that French President Macron got a taste of his own medicine after a billboard of him in the image of Hitler was hung in France. He made these remarks in a video posted on his YouTube account on August 2, 2021. He explained that this was Allah’s "revenge" against him for defending the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that "insulted" the Prophet Muhammad.

Sheikh Hassan Al-Husseini: "Someone drew Macron in the image of Hitler, and drew the symbol of Macron’s party in a similar way to that of the Nazi party. This large picture was hung on a large billboard on the streets of the city of Toulon in the South of France. Was that the end of the story? Not at all. Macron filed a complaint against this illustrator. Macron, are you not a brave champion of freedom of speech? Weren’t you the one who stood up for freedom of speech when the Charlie Hebdo magazine published offensive illustrations of our Prophet? What are the limits of free speech and of the freedom of painting?


"After people started forgetting about this case, Allah took His revenge and turned the tables on Macron. Macron, who used the media and man-made laws to protect those you insulted our Prophet Muhammad, has just got a taste of his own medicine. Moreover, Allah has turned the scales and Macron became a mockery among the people and the media. Look how Macron supported the humiliation of our Prophet through [Charlie Hebdo's] offensive illustrations, and now the wheel has turned, and he is the one being humiliated through illustrations."

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