January 30, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 7868

Pittsburgh Imam Naeem Abdullah In Lectures And Sermons: Jews 'Run Everything,' 'Have All The Money,' And Are Cowards; Allah Changed Some Jews Into Apes And Pigs; White Supremacy Has Co-Opted Judaism And Christianity; 'Modern-Day Corrupt Scholars' Call Offensive Jihad Invalid; [U.S. National Who Pleaded Guilty On Al-Qaeda Charges] Tarik Shah Was My Housemate In NY And 'One Of My Wazirs [Deputies]'

January 30, 2019
United States | Special Dispatch No. 7868

In lectures uploaded October 2016-January 2019 to the YouTube channel of the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh-based Imam Naeem Abdullah focused on the subject of the Jews. He said that the "American empire is often considered by many scholars to be... a continuation of the Roman Empire" and that the Jews are "running everything," stating either "the real Jews, or the Ashkenazi [Jews]." He noted that the Quran states, in the opening chapter that "we are asking Allah to guide us on the straight path and [to not] make us like the Jews...  'And not like those who go astray' – the Christians." He added that Moses and Jesus and their true followers were Muslims, noting that "when you corrupt the religion that they came with... you come up with these other religions," and went on to relate the well-known story, that he identified as from the Quran, about Allah transforming a group of Jews into apes and pigs.

Telling his audience that Muhammad's expulsion of the Jews from Medina "is clearly and obviously relevant to our situation" and that "we have to be the exact opposite" of those Jews, he noted that the latter "weren't out organizing [because] they have all the money." He also claimed that Judaism and Christianity had been co-opted by the "religion of white supremacy" and made into "white-supremacist religions." Black people who consider themselves Jews, he said, are "not benefitting from Israel like everyone else."

Other videos uploaded to the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute's YouTube channel feature Imam Abdullah focusing on black people in the U.S. and Islam. In a sermon uploaded June 22, 2018, he said that black Americans need to understand that they are "under occupation." He compared the current situation of the black man in America to the situation of the Israelites under Pharaoh in biblical Egypt, saying that young Israelite men, and young black men today, are "public enemy number one." Black parents must teach this to their children, he said, and must also teach them that "the killing of black people didn't stop" until the emergence of "groups like the Black Liberation Army" whose mandate was "to retaliate against every officer that killed someone."[1] Abdullah added: "You all need to think about that." In a lecture uploaded to YouTube on January 12, 2019, Abdullah said that "Black nationalism, the way we defined it in the beginning, does not contradict Islam" and that "in fact, black nationalism is a Sunnah."

In Broadcasts On Nur Uz-Zamaan's Radio Station, Imam Abdullah Discusses "Offensive Jihad" And His NY Housemate Tarik Shah – "One Of My Wazirs" – Who Pleaded Guilty On Al-Qaeda Charges; Says: 9/11, Other Terror Attacks Were False Flag Operations; Jews And Unbelievers' Agreements "Ain't Worth Nothing"; Jews Are Cowards

Imam Abdullah is also one of the hosts on Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute's online radio station,[2] and there is an archive of thousands of hours of his broadcasts on[3] In the broadcasts, he refers to offensive jihad as "the type of jihad that the modern-day corrupt scholars are trying to say is invalid"[4];says that 9/11 and most other terrorist attacks were false flag operations[5]; and uses Islamic history to say that Jews and unbelievers cannot be trusted, that their agreements "ain't worth nothing," and that Jews are cowards.[6]

Describing how he had shared a house with Tarik Shah, who was arrested May 29, 2005, charged with conspiring to provide material support to Al-Qaeda, and pleaded guilty to conspiracy,[7] Abdullah said: "Tarik Shah, how I met him, very interesting, when I became part of Muhammad Sharif's congregation, I was actually the emir in the New York area, and he was actually under my leadership, he was one of my wazirs [deputies]... After I left the upstate new York area... and I made transition to Pittsburgh and subsequently to Philly, I was actually at work in New York City and the evening news came on... and Tarik Shah's face is taking up the whole news: 'Terror Suspect.' I was like 'Oh!'... it had to be like... '03 or something like that, it was around that time. And at the time, I'm like 'They comin,' because when I moved to Poughkeepsie, New York, before I got my own place, I stayed with him, with the same mailing address."[8]

Ridiculing the FBI, he said that they have to "manufacture crimes," and, citing an unidentified book, he said of police work in the 1960s that "many cases aren't based on actual intelligence" but rather on "snitches or bribes." He said: "They would go through the phone book and take names... or go to the cemetery... and use names from the phone book or tombstones as their list of informants... just to say I'm working." Claiming that most police officers in the 1960s did not have real informants but rather fabricated these informants to justify their salaries, he added that the police operate the same way now, but have a bigger budget and more technology. Other agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, he said, do what they do to justify their salaries.[9]

According to his personal website, Naeem Abdullah, originally from New York, became a Muslim in 1991, and "benefitted from many scholars, teachers, and leaders" including Imam Siraj Wahhaj – an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing who testified as a character witness for Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the "Blind Sheikh."[10] His website also states that he volunteered with the New York City Department of Corrections for several years delivering sermons and as a teacher and counselor, and that he has lectured throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Sudan.[11] He was featured in a June 2018 report on a local 'Eid al Fitr celebration that was open to the general public.[12]

The Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute features on its home page a photo of Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, aka Malcolm X, and a quote by him about building "New Bridges" to "our African homeland."[13] It states that it is "an independent Islamic institution" that is "privately funded and committed to reviving the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad"[14] and that it operates in partnership with the Masjid Al-Mu'min, where Naeem Abdullah serves as Imam. The lectures and sermons in this clip were delivered at the Masjid Al-Mu'min mosque.

Masjid Al-Mu'min states on its website that its core mission "is to provide valuable services to the Muslims in the Pittsburgh area and members of the local community."[15] It is included in a list of "Spiritual and Interfaith Resources" on a "HELP Initiative" page of "spiritual and interfaith resources,"[16] including the Rodef Shalom Congregation, that states that it is "a comprehensive resident-driven initiative to protect, strengthen, and rebuild targeted East End communities."

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The following are the transcripts of the MEMRI TV clips:

October 15, 2016: "The American Empire" Is Considered "A Continuation Of The Roman Empire"; "Jews [Are] Running Everything"; Ashkenazi Jews Are Not "Real Jews"

Naeem Abdullah:  "Some of you think the Roman Empire stopped, because your [knowledge of] history is kind of weak. The American Empire is often considered by many scholars to be Pax Romana, and a continuation of the Roman Empire. It's the same people, they just relocated the capital. Even if you look deeper, behind the scenes – Jews [are] running everything. The real Jews, or the Ashkenazi [Jews]?


April 7, 2018: "We Are Asking Allah" To Not "Make Us Like The Jews" Or The Christians

Naeem Abdullah:  "We ask Allah to guide us on the straight path, the path of those who have Your blessing. Just in case, not the path of those who have Your anger. If you read the commentaries, you know that Allah is talking about the Jews. In the fatiha [opening chapter of the Quran], we are asking Allah to guide us on the straight path and [to not] make us like the Jews. That is in your fatiha. 'And not like those who go astray' – the Christians.


Moses And Jesus And Their "True Followers" Were Muslims – "When You Corrupt The Religion That They Came With – Then You Come Up With These Other Religions"

"A lot of people may try to twist that and turn that around and say: 'See, you hate Christians and Jews.' No, no, no... The Prophet Moses was a Muslim. His true followers were Muslims. Prophet Jesus was a Muslim. His true followers were Muslims. When you corrupt the religion that they came with – then you come up with these other religions.


Because The Jews "Make A Mockery Of Their Religion... Some Of Them Were Turned Into Monkeys And Pigs"

"Allah mentions a special specific group of the Children of Israel, who lived by the sea. As I mention this story that is in the Quran, think about the mindset that goes into it – doing what they did. The Israelites have a Sabbath, and even those now who practice Judaism, on the Sabbath on Saturday, which is from the Friday evening prayers to the Saturday evening prayers... There are certain things that they don't do. During that time, those people who lived by the sea were prohibited from fishing. And Allah decided to test them. He would make the fish plentiful and easy to catch during the Sabbath.


"They could not resist that test. So what did they do? Did they go out on Saturday and fish? No! they took their nets and their fishing rods and everything, and set it up on Friday, before the Sabbath. They left it there and ignored it, and then after the Sabbath – after Saturday, after the evening prayers – they came and got the fish. Do you see how they are playing games with Allah's religion? They think Allah will accept a stupid excuse like that... 'We weren't fishing, it was the nets and the rods that were doing it.' They make a mockery of their religion. Allah gave them a clear command, and they tried to find a way to violate that order from Allah, while pretending not to violate the order. Look at the mentality behind that. You know behind that... Some of them were turned into monkeys and pigs, literally. Read the commentaries... Literally. Literally! But don't take it too far, because when you read the commentary, all the scholars also say that these monkeys and pigs didn't reproduce. Because some people think that some of the Jews walking around right now are really descendants of monkeys and pigs. No, they didn't have any children or any offspring."


June 29, 2018: Muhammad's Expulsion Of The Jews From Medina "Is Clearly And Obviously Relevant To Our Situation"; "Jews Have All The Money"

"Allah is teaching us some lessons of when the Prophet Muhammad expelled one of the Jewish tribes from Medina, Banu Nadir – This is beautiful, because this is... Everything is relevant, but this is clearly and obviously relevant to our situation. When the Prophet Muhammad told them they had to get out of Medina because they broke the covenant, they were treacherous, they were working with the disbelievers, and tried to kill the Prophet and undermine Islam, even though they agreed to do otherwise, to protect the city, and protect everybody that lived in it... The Prophet Muhammad told them they had to go.


"Take A Lesson" From Prophet Muhammad's Expulsion Of The Jewish Tribe From Medina; "All The Chips Are Stacked Against The Muslims"

"Take a lesson from that. The Quran is not a storybook. Then what does Allah say? [He says:] 'You think they are united, but their hearts are divided.' 'You think they are united, but their hearts are divided.' If we [don't] want the same thing, we have to be the exact opposite of that. Like the companions of the Prophet Muhammad. They weren't out organizing – Jews have all the money. They were part of the internal enemy.

"The hypocrites were amongst the Muslims, they knew the secrets. The Quraysh were the outside enemy. All the chips are stacked against the Muslims.


December 29, 2018: "The Religion Of White Supremacy Has Co-Opted The Religion Of Judaism – Christianity As Well"

"They took Judaism and made it a white-supremacist religion. You have got black people that consider themselves Jews. They're not benefitting from Israel like everyone else, right?


"The religion of white supremacy has co-opted the religion of Judaism. Christianity [as well]. The religion of white supremacy has co-opted the religion of Christianity.

June 22, 2018: Black People In America Are "Living Under Occupation"

Naeem Abdullah: "An Arab Christian reverend who is from Palestine was here, in Pittsburgh. We met with him and we talked with him.


"He understands what it is like living under occupation. One of the many things that we don't understand during this day, is that we are living under occupation. Some of you are not as 'woke' as you think you are.


"You have to understand that you are living under occupation. There is no other modern-day group that fits this category more clearly than the black man in America. No doubt about it. If you think the Quran is just a history book, you are confused.


"Public Enemy Number One Is The Young Man; During The Time Of Moses, It Was The Young Man Of The Israelites; In 2018 America, It Is The Young Black Man"

"Allah says that Pharaoh oppressed a group from amongst them. Obviously as we have been saying the whole sermon, this group was the Israelites. And how did he oppress them? He sacrificed or killed their boys. The young boy is the target. The young boy is the target in a situation like this. Yes, all of them are oppressed – the male, the female, the young, the old – but the target... Public enemy number one is the young man. During the time of Moses, it was the young man of the Israelites. In 2018 America, it is the young black man. And as parents of young black children, we have to have conversations with our children. Not just one conversation, it needs to be part of their make-up. [We need to say:] 'Listen, you are living under occupation, son. Do you know what occupation means? It means that your life isn't worth anything. It means that you can get killed, and the best I could do is avenge your death, and I would get killed right after it.'


"The Killing Of Black People Didn't Stop... Until Groups Like The Black Liberation Army"

"The killing of innocent black people didn't stop, or didn't get reduced, until groups like the Black Liberation Army came about, and their mandate was to retaliate against every officer that killed someone. You all need to think about that."


January 12, 2019: "Black Nationalism...  Does Not Contradict Islam" 

"Do us black people have the right to govern ourselves? The answer is yes. Black nationalism, the way we defined it in the beginning, does not contradict Islam. In fact, black nationalism is a Sunnah."


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