June 7, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11385

Lebanese Social Media Users Slam Hizbullah, Iran: They Are Forcing Us Into War With Israel; Lebanon Is In Ruins, Facing Existential Threat; We Don't Want To Be Another Gaza

June 7, 2024
Iran, Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 11385

The escalating conflict between Hizbullah and Israel against the backdrop of the war in Gaza continues to evoke responses from many Lebanese who oppose their country's involvement in the war with Israel and accuse Hizbullah and Iran of imposing this war on Lebanon. Many Lebanese users on X (formerly Twitter) posted under the hashtag "#Lebanon does not want war," while stressing that this hashtag represents the position of the vast majority of people in the country. They slammed Hizbullah for launching this war and bringing destruction upon Lebanon when the country was already in the throes of a dire political and economic crisis. They expressed fear that, due to Hizbullah's efforts to take over the country and promote Iran's interests, Lebanon  would become another Gaza. 

Some Lebanese activists also condemned Hizbullah for the fundraising campaign it launched recently in order to purchase more missiles and drones for fighting Israel. The activists claimed that this would only harm Lebanon.[1]

It should be mentioned that, from the first days of the war in Gaza, many politicians, journalists and activists in Lebanon, including among the Shi'ites, have been firmly opposed to dragging Lebanon into the war.[2]

"Lebanon does not want war" (Image:, May 29, 2024)

Below are some posts by Lebanese users on X slamming Hizbullah and Iran for embroiling Lebanon in the war.

Lebanese Journalist: Iran Uses Us To Fuel Its Wars;  We Should Bring A Lawsuit Against It At The International Court For Justice

Lebanese X users condemned Hizbullah for opening up a front against Israel in South Lebanon and causing widespread devastation in the country. Journalist Tony Bouloss focused on Iran and called to prosecute it for what it has done to Lebanon. He wrote on June 2: "The cities and villages of South Lebanon have been reduced to rubble because of Iran's wars and in order to defend its expansionist dream and its [bid to attain a] nuclear bomb. The Lebanese should bring a lawsuit against Iran at the International Court [of Justice in Hague] and demand tens of billions of dollars in compensation [from Iran] for using of Lebanon as a platform for its wars. If Iran wants to fight, let it do so directly and leave the Lebanese alone instead of using them as fuel for its wars. #Lebanon does not want war."[3]

Lebanese Activists To Nasrallah: You Are A Terrorist Criminal Who Has Destroyed The Country; Get Out Of Lebanon

X user "mimo" posted a picture of Hizbullah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah and labeled him "master of the [Iranian] occupation." In the accompanying message she wrote: "May Allah burn your heart as you burned our homeland, our land and our homes and destroyed all life there. O you criminal terrorist, the gibbet is for people like you."[4]

In another post she added: "I am Lebanese, and like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese I am against this war and against the plan of the Rule of the Jurisprudent [i.e., the Iranian regime]. #Lebanon does not want war; #Lebanon opposes Hizbullah's terrorism."[5]

Lebanese political activist Ahmad Yassine shared a video in which Nasrallah says he avoids using a phone, and commented: "This [great] victor lives underground, never sees daylight and admits he does not even use a phone. [Yet] he wants us to share in his victories! Hassan Nasrallah, get out of Lebanon. We Lebanese do not want your victories." [6]

Lebanese Activist: We Don't Want Lebanon To Become Another Gaza; Destroying South Lebanon Will Not Help To Establish A Palestinian State

Lebanese activist Raymond Hakim shared a picture of a Lebanese town during peacetime and during war, and wrote: "Eliminate Hizbullah's weapons before it is too late. We don't want Lebanon to become another Gaza. #Lebanon does not want war."[7]

Former MP Fares Sou'aid, known for his opposition to Hizbullah, wrote on X: "Destroying South Lebanon and expelling its people will not help to establish a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Hizbullah's war of attrition [against Israel] does not benefit Lebanon in any way. The visit to Beirut made by Iran's [new] foreign minister, Ali Bagheri Kani, his first visit in Lebanon since his appointment, has no meaning except to confirm the [Iranian] masters' ownership [of Lebanon]. Lebanon is under Iranian occupation, and there is no active national opposition."[8]  

Lebanese Activists: Hizbullah Is Destroying Lebanon For Iran's Sake

Lebanese activist Jossy Hanna Khalife commented on a post by Hizbullah supporter Fatima Nasser, who had called Ziad Hawwat, an MP of the anti-Hizbullah Lebanese Forces party, a fool. Khalife wrote: "The [real] fool is your party [Hizbullah], which chose to go to war without asking the government and the people; your party that is destroying the country for Iran and its interests;  your party whose last concern is for the devastated homes, villages and towns and the [spilled] blood of the South Lebanese; your party that gives Israel an excuse to destroy the country; your party which, along with the [other] Iranian-axis militias and on the pretext of helping Gaza, has destroyed Gaza, Lebanon and Syria; your party that, along with the [other] militias, meets in Iran with [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei, who gives them orders to destroy their countries; your party whose culture is a culture of death, devastation and war…"[9]

On the occupation of Lebanon's "Resistance and Liberation Day," the anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000 that is marked every year on May 25, Lebanese activist Guila Fakhoury wrote on X: "Lebanon is facing an existential threat. The Iranian Hizbullah is changing our culture, our history and our past. [Its people] have their own private narrative of our history, which ignores the patriots who fought to defend our beloved Lebanese homeland. The south is not [really] liberated that we should celebrate its freedom. Hizbullah is a traitor in the service of Iran… Right now it is destroying South Lebanon with a war it decided to launch against Israel. So tell me again, what liberty are we celebrating, exactly?"[10]  

Opposition To Hizbullah's Fundraising Campaign: Anyone Who Funds This Organization Is Funding Lebanon's Destruction

As stated, some Lebanese activists came out against Hizbullah's fundraiser soliciting donations for the purchase of weapons. Goerges Hayek, a member of the Central Committee of the Lebanese Forces party, commented:  "Anyone who gives Hizbullah money to buy drones and anyone who supports it ideologically or in the media contributes to the destruction and disintegration of Lebanon and to transforming it into a failed state! #Lebanon does not want war."[11]


Lebanese activist Raymond Hakim wrote: "Hizbullah announced a fundraising campaign to buy drones and missiles for the fight against Israel. Do not fall for this and do not give it a penny. These weapons are for fighting the Lebanese and taking over Lebanon, not for fighting Israel…"[12]


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