October 11, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10852

Lebanese Politicians To Hizbullah: Don't Involve Lebanon In A War Against Israel

October 11, 2023
Lebanon, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10852

Against the backdrop of Hizbullah's threats to become involved in Hamas's war against Israel, as part of the resistance axis plan to "unite the fronts" of the resistance, Lebanese politicians and officials have called on the organization to stay out of the Israel-Hamas conflict and not to involve Lebanon in a mistake that will cost the country dearly.

Lebanese Interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib even warned that Lebanon does not want Hizbullah to become involved in the current war.

Likewise, Ali Hamada, columnist for the Lebanese Al-Nahar daily, called on the Lebanese Armed Forces to prevent any attempt by Hizbullah to join in the fighting against Israel.

UNIFIL vehicle at the Lebanon-Israel border (Source:, October 9, 2023)

The following are excerpts from several statements on the subject:

Lebanese Foreign Minister: Hizbullah Promised Us That There Would Be No Involvement In Al-Aqsa Flood War

Relating to he possibility of Lebanese involvement in the Al-Aqsa Flood war (aka Al-Aqsa Storm), Lebanese Interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati has said in communications with international, Arab, and local elements that “the government's preference is to maintain security and stability in southern Lebanon, to continue the quiet on the blue line, and to be committed to Resolution 1701...”[1]

After a meeting with Mikati, Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib stated that “we do not want Lebanon to enter the current war... All the international elements are also calling on us not to enter the war, and this is Lebanon's position."[2] He told the London-based daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on October 8: "The prime minister [Mikati] was promised that Hizbullah would not intervene in what is happening. If Israel does not provoke us, there will be no provocation of it, and [Hizbullah members] will not interfere at this time..."[3]

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora: We Support The Palestinians But Lebanon Should Not Be Involved In The Hostilities

Former Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora wrote in an October 8, 2023 message: "Alongside our emphasis on strengthening and supporting the Palestinian fighters on their land and their struggle to achieve their legitimate rights, we are at the same time stressing that Lebanon should not be involved in any hostilities with the Israeli enemy because Lebanon's endurance is exhausted and it cannot bear this due to [Lebanon's] descent into three very major crises that have made the situation fragile and very shaky..."[4]

Lebanese MPs: "Hizbullah Will Destroy Lebanon If It Enters The Battle In Gaza"

The leader of the Christian "Lebanese Forces," Samir Geagea, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on October 7: "The most important thing is not to involve the Lebanese in anything that they cannot deal with, in light of the difficult situation they are experiencing.”, October 7, 2023.

Pierre Bou Assi, a member of the Lebanese Forces' "Strong Republic" bloc, told Free Lebanon Radio on October 9: "There is no trust in the promises of Hizbullah or of this despicable government that is observing everything that is happening. In 2006, [Hizbullah leader] Hassan Nasrallah promised, in early July, that the summer would be quiet and thriving – but a few days later, the 'party [of God, i.e. Hizbullah]' kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and the July war broke out, hell was opened upon us, and infrastructure in Lebanon was destroyed. Hizbullah will destroy Lebanon if it enters the battle in Gaza. I hope that the political echelon and the Lebanese people will refrain from entangling Lebanon in the current battle."[5]

Lebanon's Kataeb (Phalanges) Party took a similar stand: “What occurred yesterday [October 9] in the South [of Lebanon, i.e. the mortars launched from Lebanon into Israel] threatens to lead to Lebanon sliding into a new war that it doesn’t need in the service of a plan whose objective is to strengthen the balance of power in the region and to grant priority to external interests to the detriment of the Lebanese interest. The use of Lebanese territory and linking it to the Palestinian arena is manifestly unacceptable. Neither Hizbullah or any one of the Palestinian factions may speak for Lebanon, in matters of war or peace, because this decision is in the hands of the country of Lebanon and all its institutions. Therefore, the Phalanges Party warns against dragging Lebanon into confrontations in Gaza and considers Lebanese sovereignty a red line. Any hasty step will lead to consequences that Lebanon does not need to bear, particularly in its current situation when all the sectors and institutions are collapsing.”[6]

At the same time, “Change Forces” bloc member Mark Bahjat Daou wrote on X: "Defending Lebanon from any attack is absolutely top priority. Neither Hizbullah nor Iran have the right to entangle Lebanon in the furnace of all-out war in service of a regional agenda..."[7]

Lebanese Anti-Iran Organizations: We Will Become Sandbags If Iran Decides To Bring Lebanon Into The War

The Lebanese Christian organization Saydet Al Jabal and the National Council to Lift the Iranian Occupation of Lebanon announced that they would demand that Lebanese Interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati immediately convene a government plenum in order to establish a national emergency unit to maintain the necessary contacts in order to defend the Lebanese people and "to warn Hizbullah not to drag Lebanon into military adventurism that will surely bring killing and destruction upon all Lebanese. All the Lebanese understand the bitter truth – that their homeland has become captive to Iran's aspirations in the region and we will all become sandbags – in all the regions and all the ethnic communities – if the Tehran regime decides to bring Lebanon into the current war."[8]

Al-Nahar Columnist: Hizbullah Must Not Interfere In The War And Embroil Lebanon In The Conflict; The Lebanese Army Must Prevent Any Armed Movement On The Border

In the Lebanese Al-Nahar daily, columnist Ali Hamada wrote: "Whoever believes that what is taking place in Gaza is not a war is mistaken. The Hamas movement's Al-Aqsa Flood operation is a war in the full sense of the word, and there is no other option for Israel – which has absorbed the most powerful blow to its military and morale since its establishment – than to declare all-out war on the Gaza Strip. What concerns us here in Lebanon is that no Lebanese group should err regarding its reading of the arena...

"Therefore, I suggest to whoever hijacked the decision regarding war and peace in Lebanon [i.e. Hizbullah], who imposes its rule on all the sovereign decisions in the country and drags along all those who work here, from senior to junior, that they do not make any mistake for which Lebanon will pay massively... This is because most residents, from all segments [of Lebanese society], oppose bringing Lebanon into the furnace of a regional war against Israel and the U.S. that was decided upon in Tehran and is led today by the Palestinian people.

"It is true that the operation carried out by Hamas last Saturday morning [October 7, 2023] is unprecedented. It is true that it will enter the annals of global military history and be taught in military academies as a model for wars that are qualitatively unique regarding planning, execution, and tactical success. It is also true that [the attack] has damaged Israel to the depths of its soul, first with [the blow to] society, through [the blow to the] country, to [the blow to] the military and the security apparatuses. But it is also true that Lebanon is not interested in an armed struggle with Israel or any other [country]. Therefore, it is important for Hizbullah to understand that it must not make a mistake and intervene in the war in any way, so as not to embroil the entire country and all the people [in it].

"At this stage the Lebanese army must do its duty with regard to preventing any questionable armed move on Lebanon's side of the border. I reiterate my opposition to a farce that presents the factions as reckless when in fact the [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad, which is subordinate to Iran, is not a reckless faction but a Palestinian [organization] at the forefront of the agenda to 'unite the arenas' in Lebanon – [an agenda] led by Hizbullah on behalf of Iran.

"I take this opportunity to ask: Where is the Lebanese government? Why is there no official Lebanese position against efforts to embroil Lebanon and the Lebanese in war that is bigger than them and bigger than their country? In light of all the abovementioned, do not make a big mistake – this is war!"[9]


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