October 16, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10878

The Iranian Regime's Media Campaigns To Recruit Iranian Citizens To Be Sent To 'Fight The Zionist Regime In Palestine'

October 16, 2023
Iran, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10878

Following Hamas's October 7, 2023 invasion of southern Israel, the Iranian regime and its mouthpieces have launched a media campaign to recruit volunteers from Iran's civilian population to fight against Israel. This report will present some of the campaigns advanced by the Iranian regime:

Iranian Broadcasting Authority To Viewers: Sign Up To Be Sent To Palestine To Fight The Zionist Regime

On October 14, 2023, the Iranian news website Khabar Online reported that the Iranian regime's broadcasting authority had aired a chyron during broadcasts calling on viewers to sign up and declare their readiness to be sent to Palestine to fight Israel.

The chyron message read: "1,373,720 [Iranians] love to fight Israel [and have already registered]. Send your name to [phone number] 3000212 to sign up [also] to participate in this initiative. Note: The above number of registrants was updated as of October 15.

The message added: "Only I can defeat you" – a phrase made famous by the IRGC Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani who addressed it to then-U.S. President Trump. Soleimani was assassinated in January 2020 by the U.S.[1]

Screenshot of Iranian broadcasting authority's chyron calling on viewers to sign up to fight the Zionist regime. Source: Khabar Online (Iran), October 14, 2023.

An Online Recruitment Campaign For Iranian Volunteers To Fight Israel: AlAqsaStorm .com/Aqsa

The website Alaqsastorm/aqsa launched an official recruitment campaign for Iranian volunteers to register to be sent to fight the Zionist regime in Palestine, and to urge others to sign up as well. The website, which as of this writing is still active, states:

"Al-Aqsa Storm


"Number of supporters: 2,284,031

"Number of [Iranians] who have announced that they want to be sent to the occupied territories.

"Click the button above and declare that you are ready to be sent to the occupied territories in order to support the legitimate defense of the oppressed Palestinian nation.

"Your part is to invite a friend [to join].

"Add Response

"Phone Number


"First and Last Name

"Please Choose Your Province Of Residence

"What are you doing to support the Palestinian people?"[2]

The registration form on Alaqsastorm .com/aqsa.

Fars News Agency: Demonstrators Tell Regime To Prepare To Send Iranian Volunteers To Palestine To Fight

Iran's Fars News Agency, which is affiliated with the IRGC, reported on October 13, 2023 that Iranian regime officials were called upon during demonstrations to make preparations for sending Iranian volunteers to fight against the Zionist regime in Palestine. The following is a translation of the report:

"This afternoon [October 13, 2023], in several cities in Islamic Iran, there were large rallies against the Zionist crimes, and the participants [showed] that they are fed up with the Zionists' actions.

"The participants called on officials to make preparations send them to Palestine in order to fight the Zionists, and they held up signed petitions.

"In this context, many of Fars News Agency's readers called on officials in the Foreign Ministry and the government to prepare a plan to send them to Palestine as part of this campaign.

"The texts of one of the campaigns 'for sending an army of volunteers to fight against Zionism in Palestine' said that in a very short period of time, over 1,000 people expressed their support: 'In light of the beginning of the ground defensive Operation Al-Aqsa Flood by Hamas against the greedy Zionists, which has been congratulated by all freedom-seekers in the world, we call on the [Iranian] authorities to agree to send young volunteers to fight the devils on the land.' (Anyone interested in supporting the campaign can do so here.)


"The organizer of one of the campaigns that called for provision for sending [Iranians] to Palestine believes that a large number of youth from Islamic Iran will announce that they are ready [to fight Israel], based on their massive presence at today's [October 13] rally and at additional rallies against the Zionist regime, if provisions are made for a volunteer presence [in Palestine]."[3]


[1] Khabar Online (Iran), October 14, 2023.

[2], accessed October 16, 2023.

[3] Fars News Agency (Iran), October 13, 2023.

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