October 20, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10892

Iran-Backed Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades Promote Donation Campaign In Support Of Gaza Via MasterCard, Licensed Mobile Wallet In Iraq

October 20, 2023
Iran, Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 10892

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On October 15, 2023, a Telegram channel affiliated with Iran-backed Iraq's Hizbullah Brigades shared a poster promoting a donation campaign in support of the October 7 attack by Hamas against Israel, dubbed "The Al-Aqsa Flood."[1]

The poster indicated that the donations will be part of "an Iraqi humanitarian campaign to assist the brotherly Palestinian people through financial aids."

It urged supporters in Iraq to make donations using money transfer through ZainCash Wallet, which is one of the largest mobile phone networks operating in Iraq.

The poster provided a number for cash donations. The post also displayed a QR code through which people could contribute.

For donations using MasterCard, the poster provided another number.

The post was shared on the same day by other Telegram channels linked to Iran-backed militias in Iraq.[2]


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