December 17, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7807

French Antisemitic Comedian Dieudonné Hijacks 'Yellow Vests' Protests To Promote His Views

December 17, 2018
Special Dispatch No. 7807

The "Gilets jaunes" ("Yellow Vests") movement in France, that emerged in mid-November to protest President Emmanuel Macron's announcement of a green tax on fuel effective January 1, 2019, has garnered the support of the vast majority of the French – 72% as of early December.[1] However, not all the protestors have the same grievances. Though the vast majority are demonstrating for greater social justice, some are using the circumstances to express antisemitic views, blaming the Jews for the dire economic situation. Macron has repeatedly been called "whore of the Jews."[2] Several videos expressing antisemitic conspiracy theories, posted on YouTube in the wake of the protests, have had tens of thousands of views – in some cases, hundreds of thousands of views.[3] For example, in one video, "Crysalide" mentions a "Zionist conspiracy";[4] in another, French musician Stephane Blet says he "f**ks the Bnei Brit and all of the sectarian and tribal mafia who constantly try to insult the French people" in a video titled "I f**k the Licra, CRIF, the Bnai Brith and all the tribal Jewish sects. Get out of here!";[5] and in a third antisemitic figure Alain Soral discusses "national-Zionism."[6]

One video in particular, featuring a masked Frenchman, went viral on social media; originally on YouTube, it was removed, then uploaded again.[7] Jewish organizations have expressed alarm at this situation. Among other responses by Jewish organizations, the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) is suing Yellow Vests leader who goes by Arnaud Chavez for giving the Nazi-style "quenelle" salute[8] at a Jewish tomb.[9]

The well-known French antisemitic comedian Dieudonné also took advantage of the movement to promote his own views. He created his own yellow vests with a pineapple graphic added – a reference to his Holocaust-mocking song "Shoahnanas" – "Holocaust Pineapple." The song, written in 2010, stated: "You hold me by the Shoah, I hold you by the pineapple." [10] Dieudonné said about it, on Iran's Press TV in 2010, that it would "allow kids to dance and learn at the same time."[11]

In a series of videos promoting the protests, Dieudonné called President Macron "a puppet manipulated by those who control him" – not specifying who that is, but his history leaves little doubt that he is referring to the Jews.[12] In addition to his eight convictions on charges of antisemitism, several of his stage shows in France and Belgium have been cancelled by local authorities because of their antisemitic content. As Dieudonné maintains an active online presence, with a website[13] and social media accounts, and continues to perform at his Paris theater, he has a large following: For example, as of this writing, his YouTube channel has over 303,000 subscribers.[14]

Following are examples of Dieudonné’s antisemitic and inciting statements, against the backdrop of the Yellow Vests movement. The videos below were posted on his personal website[15] as well as on YouTube[16] and on his Facebook page.[17]

Dieudonné Launches "Pineapple Branch" Of Yellow Vest Movement – Named For His Song Mocking The Holocaust

In a video posted December 5, 2018 on his website, titled "Yellow Vests in the Eye of the Cyclone," Dieudonné wore a yellow vest with a pineapple graphic added. On his cellphone, he showed a video of a man wearing a yellow vest blaming "the bankers" for the dire situation in Paris, and then commented: "It's true, it's them." Without directly naming the Jews, and because his vest bears a reference to his antisemitic song "Shoahnanas," he conveyed the message that the accused corrupt bankers are either Jews or are controlled by them.[18]

Dieudonné then clarified that he belongs to the "Pineapple Branch" of the Yellow Vests, and encouraged viewers to buy the pineapple version "at a very good price." They are currently sold out, he said, but are being re-ordered. He went on to explain that the Pineapple Branch is an artistic branch of the movement, noting that "of course, show business people [whom he has linked to Jews in previous statements] are not very prevalent [in it]."[19]

The video was also posted on YouTube[20] and on Dieudonné's Facebook page.[21]

Source:, December 5, 2018

Dieudonné Claims Prominent French Jews Called Yellow Vest Protestors Antisemites

In another video, posted December 8, 2018 on YouTube,[22] Dieudonné mentioned French Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy and French Jewish parliamentarian Meyer Habib as having "chastised" Yellow Vests protestors for being antisemites. By naming both prominent Jews – who otherwise have little in common – as having accused the protestors, Dieudonné attempted to convey the message that all Jews are opposed to the Yellow Vests movement, since according to him the Jews – which he always refers to as "Zionists" to avoid further criminal charges against him – oppose and exploit the people and are to blame for their dire situation.

He also claimed that protestors are giving the Nazi-style "quenelle" salute that he invented and promoted[23] everywhere, and encouraged them to continue to do so:  

"[T]he Yellow Vests movement is being insulted by Meyer Habib – or Habibi, I am not sure how you spell it – and by Bernard-Henri Levy. We see them on TV: They express themselves, they chastise everyone. For them, the Yellow Vests – all these people who are just asking for a little more respect and for the right to live a life of dignity in their country – these people are antisemites! Shit. I saw them say this, and I was surprised.

"I do not know if it's smart of them to call the Yellow Vests antisemites. They are supported by 75% of the French. That would mean that 95% [sic] of the French are supposedly antisemites in France. This must be [fact]checked. They say they give the quenelle [salute]. That's right, they are giving the 'quenelle' everywhere. Atop the Arc de Triomphe, everywhere. Quenelles, quenelles. At the [highway] toll [booths], we see quenelles, quenelles everywhere. Continue doing that. Put some quenelles in their ass. Hahaha. Hey, go and get f***ed in the ass."

Dieudonné Incites Violence Against Politicians, President Macron – To Tunes Of Patriotic French Songs

In yet another video, posted December 9, 2018,[24] Dieudonné vulgarly and provocatively insults President Macron, leading a group of followers on the street in singing, to the tune of "Chant des Partisans," the most popular song among the Free French and French resistance in World War II: "Manu [i.e. Macron], can you feel it gliding into your ass, the quenelle?"[25]

Then, to the tune of "Ca Ira," the emblematic song of the French Revolution, instead of the original "We will hang these aristocrats," he sings "We will hang these politicians."


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