February 23, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4517

Iranian-French Co-Production by Antisemitic French Comedian Dieudonné Presents Spoof on Auschwitz Gas Chambers

February 23, 2012
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 4517

Following is the translation of a trailer for "L'antisémite", a French-Iranian production by French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, which was posted on the Internet on February 16, 2012.

Titles: "The Event of the Year

"Banned in France

"The Film that Caused a Scandal Even Before Its Release

"The First Film by Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

"The Antisemite

"Haft Aseman Cinema Company Production Presents

"Auschwitz, 1945"

Dieudonné voiceover: "So, once they arrive in Auschwitz, the Allied forces encounter a spectacle of horror and desolation."

Titles: "Scram! We're filming history!

"Please! Something to eat!"

Dieudonné voiceover: "American officer William Murdock says:"

Title: "Go ahead! Wolf it down!"

Dieudonné voiceover: "Humanity in its entirety was forever marked with barbarism."

Photo of officer. "William Murdock"

Dieudonné voiceover: "Thanks to the extremely ingenious and complex pipe system, gas was channeled into the chamber."

Title: "Oh my God!"

Dieudonné voice over: "On the door of the gas chamber, 'Bathich Roomen' – bathroom – was written."

Title: "The irrefutable proof…"

Dieudonné voiceover: "In a homicide chamber such as this, the Nazi regime gassed two million Jews, and some other inconsequential wretched people."

Titles: "But how does it work?

"It's incredible!"

Dieudonné voiceover: "More than 80 deportees were piled up in this narrow place, in order to be asphyxiated."

Titles: "The notorious showers…

"But where did the gas come from?"

Dieudonné voiceover: "The gas used for killing was Zyklon B."

Title: "Can I take it with me? It can always come in handy!"

Dieudonné voiceover: "The bodies were moved to a central crematorium, and to the makeshift crematoria, like this one, used to burn the newly born."

Titles: "– A fork?!

"– Ahhh… We will cut it out in the editing!
" – Chicken bones?

"– Ahhh… No. Children bones!"

Dieudonné voiceover: "Other bodies were flayed, and the skin was used to make comfortable leather armchairs,"

Title: "Careful! You're sitting on my grandmother!"

Dieudonné voiceover: "Or luxurious lampshades that were much appreciated by the Nazi bourgeois."

Title: "– Is this made of Jewish skin too?

"– Of course!"

Dieudonné voiceover: "In spite of this ample irrefutable proof, some still deny the Shoah.

"The End!

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