Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Media Outlets Call On Muslims To Attack Jews And Christians In The West During Ramadan

March 12, 2024

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On March 12, 2024, the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Sarh Al-Khilafa media outlet released a poster titled "Fight All The Polytheists." The poster praises the 15-year-old assailant who stabbed a 50-year-old Orthodox Jew, Meir Zvi Jung, in the Selnau area of Zürich, Switzerland,[1] as a response to ISIS Spokesman Abu Hudhayfah Al-Ansari's call to attack "Jews and their allies everywhere." Asserting that just as "the Jews, Christians and their allies" fight against the Muslims the world over, so must Muslims fight them wherever they are, the poster claims that "a Jew in Palestine or in China is an infidel whose blood is permissible." The poster concludes that "like they attack us, we will respond to their hostility, break their power, our fire won't be extinguished until we avenge our brothers sooner or later, as we will kill the men, capture the women and enslave the children, so wait, we are waiting with you."[2]

On March 11, the pro-ISIS Al-Murhafat media outlet released a poster featuring a quote by slain ISIS Spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani, calling on Muslims in "the Crusaders' countries" to carry out lone-wolf attacks, declaring that such attacks are more effective than ISIS operations in Syria and Iraq, and telling supporters in the West that "if one of you strives to reach the Islamic State, then one of us wishes to be in your place." Al-Adnani called to target civilians, as it is "more painful," and declared that there is no difference between armed or unarmed, woman or man. He also encouraged attacks during the holy month of Ramadan, saying: “Perhaps you will attain great reward or martyrdom during Ramadan."[3]

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