Posters By Al-Qaeda Supporter Call On Muslims To Kill Jews, Americans, Britons Worldwide In Support Of Islam, Prepare For 'Decisive Battles' Following War In Gaza

March 19, 2024

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In recent days, Sandar Al-Ghafiqi, a prolific Al-Qaeda supporter, published two posters inciting Muslims around the world to jihad. This report reviews the posters.

Call For Jihad To Resist Harm Of Muslims In Gaza, Europe, Sudan

On March 8, Al-Ghafiqi published[1] a poster in Arabic on the Al-Qaeda-operated Rocket.Chat server, titled "Who [Will Come] to [Support] the Wounds of Islam?", calling on Muslims to support Islam with jihad in light of the difficult situation of Muslims in various places around the world.

Among the places mentioned are Gaza, where Al-Ghafiqi alleges residents are being "exterminated" by Jews, shelled by their aircraft, and starved; Europe—referred to as the "land of Ibn Tashfin," alluding to the fourth leader of the Almoravid dynasty, who ruled Al-Andalus [Spain] in the 11th century—where Muslim children, women, and the elderly are being killed and robbed because of their faith by "hateful Crusaders"; and Sudan, where Al-Ghafiqi claims Muslim women are harmed and their honor violated with impunity. Referring to these events, he asserts that "conscience and hearts no longer exist."

The poster concludes: "Hurry up, O sons of Islam, as the matter is serious and severe. How can you live in peace while Muslim blood is shed in every tract of land? Islam will not achieve a relief nor a victory without jihad; you will only be humiliated and degraded if you abandon the sword of truth."

Killing Jews, Americans, Britons Brings Muslims Closer To Allah; War In Gaza Will Be Followed By 'Decisive Battles' Foreseen By Prophet Muhammad

On March 19, Al-Ghafiqi published[2] a poster in Arabic titled "Implement the Commandment and Fulfill the Commitment," calling on Muslims around the world to kill Jews, Americans, and Britons.

Addressing Muslims "everywhere," including "the West and the East, Muslim and non-Muslim countries," the poster urges the killing of every Jew, American, and Briton they encounter, as only this "blessed act" will "deter" them. It asserts: "By their blood, you get closer to Allah Almighty."

The poster further urges Muslims to prepare for future "decisive battles." It warns that "Al-Aqsa Flood" [Hamas' name of the war in Gaza] will be followed by additional battles, and calls on readers to prepare for the "greatest epic battle" mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad, and retain readiness to protect Islam and "its people."

Claiming that the ummah [Islamic nation] is "occupied" and "controlled," the writer stresses that Muslims must revolt, fight for the sake of Allah, and stop "wandering." This applies not only to the mujahideen of Al-Qaeda and other groups, he emphasizes, but to every Muslim.

Al-Ghafiqi concludes: "We must feel what our Muslim brothers in Gaza, Palestine, and everywhere are experiencing, and we must rise up to stop this injustice and abuse of the servants of Allah and our Muslim brothers everywhere."

Alongside the text, a photo of Khalid Batarfi, deceased leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), is displayed. Batarfi's death was announced in a March 10 official AQAP video,[3] without specifying its circumstances.

Since the beginning of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, Al-Ghafiqi has published multiple posters, essays and even a video clip inciting Muslims to jihad against Jews and their allies worldwide.[4]

[1] March 8, 2024.

[2] March 19, 2024.

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