Video By Prominent Al-Qaeda Supporter Calls To Support Gaza By Killing 'Zionists' Around The World, Boycotting Israel

November 27, 2023

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On November 24, 2023, Sandar Al-Ghafiqi, a prolific Al-Qaeda supporter, published[1] a seven minute, 17-second video in Arabic, urging Muslims to support the people of Gaza in their ongoing war with Israel by various means, including attacking Jews, harming their property, preaching, and boycotting Israel. This report is based on the video.

People Of Gaza Call For Help

The video opens by showing frames of buildings in Gaza being shelled, the evacuation of wounded people, and a baby's corpse. Against the backdrop of these photos, the video's caption states that Gaza has been shelled "day and night" for over a month, declaring: "It has been more than a month that they [the people of Gaza] are requesting help." The frames continue against the backdrop of a voice of a Gaza resident, saying: "Gaza was destroyed. Why is there no awakening? I swear to Allah, we need the whole world to protest now… to stop this Zionist arrogance."

A man holding a dead baby is shown, saying: "Today we have served 16 martyrs from our family on the altar of freedom… The bleeding wound keeps shouting: Where are the free people? … Where are the rebels? The blood of our martyrs, children, and women keeps crying out for the help of the dead world. Who will take revenge for us?"

Gaza's Help Will Come From Muslim People, Not The West Or Arab Rulers

Following are several frames showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing alongside foreign leaders who have arrived in Israel since the beginning of the war to show their support, including U.S. President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, and U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The caption reads: "They [the people of Gaza] do not request support from the criminal West that supports the Zionist entity with men, money, and weaponry. They publicly announced their comprehensive support and complete complicity in the Zionist crimes against the proud people of Gaza." Backgrounded by a frame showing several Arab rulers attending the Arab League summit in Jeddah in May 2023, including Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, the caption continues: "Nor do they request support from tawaghit [un-Islamic rulers] and normalizer Zionist Arabs, may Allah not forgive them, who did nothing but close borders, protect the Jews, and give empty speeches…"

On the backdrop of a frame showing a large Muslim crowd praying and circling the Kaaba, the caption states: "They request support from the two billion ummah [Islamic nation], the ummah of Islam, that connects all Muslims of the world with a unique religious brotherhood."

Call For Attacks On "Zionists" Everywhere, Boycotting Israeli Companies

After several frames showing Quranic verses and quotations praising jihad and threatening heavy punishment for those who neglect it, the video urges: "O son of Islam, carry out jihad to realize the calls of Gaza. We will have no pride nor salvation without jihad, so make sure to reserve a place for yourself in this blessed caravan. Follow the path of jihad, that leads to pride, victory, and gardens [of Paradise]. Participate in jihad with your brothers in Gaza, so that you make a mark in this fateful battle."

The caption continues: "[Do so] by targeting criminal Zionists wherever they are, and killing them by shooting or stabbing. By ramming operations, explosions, and pursuing them wherever they are. By burning their homes, stores, and property. Or by jihadi preaching, by raising the ummah's awareness of the true nature of the struggle, and calling on them to perform the duty of jihad… Or by media jihad, hacking, and inciting Muslims to jihad by videos, audios, and publications." The call is backgrounded by graphically violent frames showing shooting, stabbing, and ramming attacks, some of which occurred in Israel. The video further suggests striking an "economic blow" on Israel by boycotting its goods, products, and supporting companies, in addition to donating money for jihad and performing supplication for the people of Gaza.

The video concludes: "O people of Islam, the doors of jihad are open in front of us. Let any one of us perform his jihad and support his brothers, each one according to his ability. We will not get tired until we reach our Al-Aqsa. This is jihad: victory or martyrdom."


[1]November 24, 2023.

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