Lebanese Hizbullah-Linked Website: Houthis Are Officially Entering War Against Israel, Trampling American Threats With Their Boots

November 1, 2023

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On November 1, 2023, Al-Kandiq, a news website linked to the Lebanese Hizbullah, published an article discussing the October 31 Yemen's Ansar Allah (Houthis) claimed attack on Israel.[1]

The article, authored by Zainab Akeel, argued that the attack signals that the Houthis are officially entering the war against Israel as a key player.

The piece further suggested that the attack was in defiance of the U.S. warnings against Iran and its proxies, including Houthis, not to intervene in the Hamas-Israeli war.

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"Houthi Attacks In Response to Yemeni People's Demands"

Titled "Yemen's entry into the war: Ansar Allah's statement has trampled on American threats with its boots," the article claimed that the Houthis' attacks were in response to the "demands made by our Yemeni people and the demands of free peoples, to help for our people in Gaza."

Reiterating Houthis' threats to Israel, the article boasted that the U.S. and Israel have no capacity to deter such attacks.

"Ansar Allah movement announced its entry into the war, which is about to become regional, due to the temporary entity [i.e., Israel] continuing to commit massacres in Palestine, without any significant deterrent."

"Houthis Ignore U.S. Show Of Force"

It claimed that the Houthis have warned Washington and Tel Aviv, "through diplomatic channels, that if the atrocities in Gaza were not stopped, they would arouse public anger and consume the patience of the resistance movements [i.e., Iran-backed militias]."

The article applauded the Houthis for disregarding U.S. threats and for the "show of force across the seas," saying that the attack was a declaration of war on Israel via the Red Sea.

Mocking Pentagon Statements

The Yemeni fire [i.e., attack] comes at a time when the USS Bataan troop and aircraft carrier and other elements of its strike force are anchored in the Red Sea, along with other American ships. Air Force Brigadier General Pat Rader, Pentagon Press Secretary, acknowledged the Yemeni fire targeting Israel. The article quoted the general as saying: "This is something we will continue to monitor. We want to prevent a broader regional conflict."

Mocking the Pentagon Press Secretary, the article continued: "They want to monitor Yemeni missiles that are capable of reaching about 1,000 kilometers, and what next?"

While highlighting "welcoming" statements made by pro-Houthi groups and militias, the article noted that Israel's silence over the attacks is tantamount to an attempt "to belittle them."


[1] Last accessed November 1, 2023.

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