Jihadis On Telegram Circulate Message Accusing Facebook Of Siding Against The Palestinians And Calling On Muslims To Downgrade Facebook's Rating In Google Play Store To One Star

May 19, 2021

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On April 17, 2021, pro-jihadi Telegram users, including Syria-based Saudi jihadi cleric Abdallah Al-Muhaysini[1] and Gaza-based Ahmad Qanita,[2] shared a message accusing Facebook of siding against the Palestinians in the current war between Israel and Hamas and calling on Muslims to downgrade Facebook's rating to one star in the Google Play Store.

According to the message shared by Qanita, "Facebook, under the leadership of Mark [Zuckerberg], is conducting electronic inquisition courts and censorship of opinions as well as comments to the degree that some people are writing unpunctuated Arabic and this is indeed a huge disrespect to us Arab users and to everyone who is concerned about [the Palestinian] issue."

Asking people to take an active reaction "that would make an immediate impact," the message suggests "opening Google Play, search for Facebook, give it a one-star rating and write a powerful comment and be cheerful for the red rating."

The message then mentioned that "however long as the red rating continues, the Pasha [i.e., Zuckerburg] loses money. Many people have done it and the rating in the App store has been lowered from 4.5 to 3.7 and if we manage to lower it to 1, the App store will remove it and it [Facebook] will changes its standards. Do that and share it. This is as important as trending [hashtag] and perhaps more important."

The message, which was posted by Al-Muhaysini, accuses Facebook of siding with Israel against the Palestinians and calls on people to give Facebook a one-star rating and write comments "that oppose and condemn Facebook for siding with Israel," saying "these steps will force Facebook to change its standards, which consider the right of Palestinians to defend themselves to be terrorism."

The post claims that Facebook's rating has declined from 4.2 two days ago to 3.7 and "once it reaches one, Google will then remove it automatically from the store, which means that Mark will lose billions of dollars."

According to the post, "currently, 220 thousand people have rated Facebook and we need 100 thousand rating with one-star to reach the stage of deletion from the Google store."

[1] Telegram.me/shemmary, May 17, 2021

[2] Telegram.me/a2qanita1, May 17, 2021

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