Article In Issue Of Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) Magazine 'Nawa-i-Ghazwa-e-Hind' Questions Qatar's 'Service' To Islam At FIFA World Cup 2022, Accuses It Of Violating Prophet Muhammad's Order To Expel Unbelievers From Arabian Peninsula

December 23, 2022

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An article, titled "Qatar, FIFA World Cup And 'Service' To Islam" and written by one Moinuddin Shaami, in the October-November 2022 issue of Nawa-i-Ghazwa-e-Hind  ("The Voice of The Battle of India"), a monthly Urdu-language magazine published by Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), questions Qatar's "service" to Islam during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and accuses the Qatari government of hosting unbelievers and polytheists and governing by a secular, capitalist kingdom in violation of shari'a.

The magazine has been published irregularly in recent months. Its recent editions were a combined issue for the three months of May-June-July 2022 and another combined issue for the months of August-September 2022. The current edition is dated October-November 2022, corresponding to the Islamic month of Rabi-us-Saani, 1444 Hijri.

A screenshot of the article

"The Way Of Democracy Is A Complete Package, Not Merely Special Rules And Principles, A Way Of Life, The Same Way This 'Islam' Is A Full Package, Complete Package, Perfect Package..."

"We are not among the so-called people of the world who describe their opinion as moderate or neutral... In the direct wars and battles of ideas underway in the world, we are standing by our people, our beliefs, and our tenets and interests," the author states.

For the author, the criterion of judgment is Islam "the way it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, the way he implemented it, and the way the sahaba [i.e., Muhammad's companions] and righteous elders, and the best of the eras dealt with Islam and made it the ruler in every walk of life" and once again Islam has to "dominate the world."

Shaami notes that "the way of democracy is a complete package – not merely special rules and principles – a way of life, the same way this 'Islam' is a full package, complete package, perfect package..." The author sees a conflict between the Islamic standard and the Qatar's standard of neutrality, which it says made it spend $220 billion on the FIFA World Cup. "Just to ponder over, 220 billion dollars is five times more than the annual budget of a country of 223 million people like Pakistan," he says.

"From This Same Al Udeid Base, During 'World Cup' Underway For The Past 20 Years [In] The War On Terror, America Carried Out 19.7% Of Its Attacks"

The author asks the reader to see the "virtues" of Qatar at the FIFA World Cup 2022: The recitation of the Quranic verses at the opening ceremony, the posting of hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) at different places in Qatar to inspire tourists toward Islam, the provision of barcode-based Islamic teachings in hotels, the ban on drinking alcohol in stadiums, the restriction on gays, the restriction on short dresses in public areas, appointment of 2,000 da'wa (i.e., invitation to Islam)  preachers, and so on.

Then the author urges the reader to also see the so-called "special" virtues of Qatar. He states that America, the biggest torchbearer of human rights, has its biggest military base at Al Udeid near Doha, and that "from this military base, bombs flowing with fire and iron, not flowers and sparklers, were rained 18,000 times by American aircraft in the war against 'terrorism.'" He continues: "From this same Al Udeid base, during the 'World Cup' underway for the past 20 years [in] the War on Terror, America carried out 19.7% of its attacks at the international level." He goes on: "Similarly, the biggest military base, in the Middle East, of 'Britain' – the former chieftain of the modern world – is also based in Qatar."

He says that "dozens of offices for the institutions of Israelis, who are the occupiers of Al-Aqsa Mosque, are situated in the Qatari city of Doha." He further argues that present in Qatar is "the rejection of the implementation of shari'a: Rather, in Qatar, which is a part of Prophet Muhammad's homeland the Arabian Peninsula, [there is] implementation of a secular-capitalist-kingdom." He says that "Prophet Muhammad had ordered: Expel the unbelievers and polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula, but Qatar has built military bases and given to them instead of expelling them."

"Which Islam Is Qatar Bragging About, As A Result Of This World Cup?... The Islam Because Of Which 20,000 Bombings Were Carried Out By Fighter Jets And Drone Aircraft In Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, And Syria From The Al Udeid Air Base – Or The Islam Whose Followers Were Made To Sleep Under The Fire And Explosives In The Same Bombings?"

Shaami juxtaposes the global media's celebration of Qatar's promotion of Islam during the FIFA World Cup against the Qatari government's policies which, according to AQIS, contradict shari'a. In doing so, Shaami seeks to illuminate Qatar's double standard.

Discussing the recitation by the Qatari YouTuber Ghanim Al-Muftah of Quran 49:13 at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Shaami notes that a part of the same verse was not recited "as if it were not a part of that verse."

A screenshot of the magazine's coverpage

The author says that soon after the recitation of the Quranic verse, dance performances were allowed and illicit sex and immoral actions were allowed inside hotels, even though publicly there was a ban on homosexuality. And there was a ban on drinking alcohol in the stadiums, but outside the stadiums there was no such restriction, nor any punishment for such behavior.

Having stated his case against Qatar, the author asks: "Which Islam is Qatar is bragging about as a result of this World Cup?" The author tells the story of how when Sayyed Qutb, an ideologue whose writings contributed significantly to the revival of jihadism in the 20th century, was about to be hanged, the executioner told him to recite the Kalima, i.e., the Arabic phrase that means "there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger." Responding to the executioner, Qutb turned and asked: "Which Kalimah – the Kalimah due to which you have a job, or the Kalimah due to which I am being murdered?" 

"So, amid the attractive voices of reciters of the Quran, calls to prayer, Qatar, the FIFA World Cup, dawah and preaching of Islam, our question is also: Which Islam?"

"The 'Islam' because of which, 20,000 bombings were carried out by fighter jets and drone aircraft in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and Syria from the Al Udeid air base, or the Islam whose followers were made to sleep under the fire and explosives in the same bombings?"

"The Islam whose messenger (peace be upon him) ordered the expulsion of unbelievers from his dear homeland the Arabian Peninsula, or the Islam because of which the Americans' military bases were established?"

"The Islam that casts doubt over the Islam and belief of the neighbor who goes to sleep hungry, or the Islam that constructs stadiums for the extravagance of $220 billion?

"Which Islam?"

Source:, November 29, 2022.

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