Pro-ISIS British Preacher Announces New Twitter Campaign Calling For Release Of Mullah Krekar

October 4, 2021

On September 27, 2021, pro-Islamic State (ISIS) British preacher Anjem Choudary published a post on his Telegram channel announcing the launch of a Twitter campaign to call for the release of Mullah Krekar, a Sunni Iraqi Kurdish Islamic scholar who founded the jihadi group Ansar Al-Islam, active in northern Iraq, while he had refugee status in Norway.

In the announcement, Choudary described Krekar as a "world-renowned Islamic scholar who has been a vocal advocate of Islam and Shariah." Choudary claimed that the Norwegian authorities have been trying since 2013 to get rid of Krekar by sending him back to Iraq, where he could face execution by the "oppressive Iraqi regime."

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