Pro-Al-Qaeda Forum User Recommends Encrypted 'Session' Messaging App, Claims Telegram Is No Longer Safe

November 11, 2022

On November 7, 2022, a user on the Al-Qaeda-operated Rocket.Chat server suggested switching from Telegram to a new platform called "Session," claiming that Telegram is no longer secure. Discussing the platform's merits, the post said it stores data using a "decentralized onion routing network," similar to the Tor browser. In addition, said the post, it is open source, and does not require registering with a phone number or downloading from Google Play.

The platform is available for both Android and iOS phones, and for Windows, Linux, as well as macOS in its desktop version, and allows the creation of group chats and the sending of voice messages and attachments, and does not "leave footprints," its website notes. Session's website adds that "while it is not as popular as Signal and other messengers, Session is open-source, and you can find the source code in its GitHub repo. In addition, the app regularly undergoes security audits."

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