Media Campaign Launched By Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Groups Reaches Global Audience, Calls For Perseverance, Using Secure Measures In Waging Media Jihad

July 3, 2023

Beginning in early June 2023, supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) have engaged in a concerted effort to produce and distribute more than 50 original pro-ISIS posters on ISIS-specific forums and mainstream social media sites and communication applications.

In addition to original content, these posters have been translated into several languages, suggesting a concerted effort to reach supporters across the world, preaching several distinct themes in the process.

Beginning in early June, several pro-ISIS and ISIS-linked media outlets distributed dozens of posters featuring the hashtag "Support [for ISIS] is Ribat [Guarding at the Frontline] and Jihad."

Since the first observable use of the hashtag on June 7, MEMRI JTTM has been able to identify 53 original posters as part of the campaign. In addition, posters have been translated into several languages.

While most of the content was circulated on encrypted and non-mainstream platforms, at least one account posted videos relating to the campaign on Tik Tok, garnering more than 1,400 followers.

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